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- X - Tears of Mitsumine by Goldcouch - There are a few problems with the story, a few mistakes in the writing here and there (typos, mismatching verbs, words repeated a little too often, etc.), but the basic story itself is pretty solid, and the style (I seem to be stuck on that lately....) is befitting a CLAMP fanfic. There isn't much for Yuzuriha and Kusanagi out there, but I've been in the mood for them this week, so it was nice to see a fic for them, and... I liked it. (KusanagixYuzuriha.)

- X - Yuzuriha/Kusanagi - Fortune's Fools [ Fan Site ] - I can't help it, this pairing is just too damn sweet for me to be squicked. The site is cute, pretty, and clean, and a lot of fun to go through. There's some neat media-type content, though, I wish there were more fanfic for the two of them out there. *pouts* Anyway, goodgood site for Yuzuriha and Kusanagi, as adorable as the relationship it's about. ^_^ (Note: Netscape dislikes this page, so view it in IE if you can.)

- X - Blazing For It by Tiamat's Child - I clicked on this one because the pairings caught my interest right away and made me very curious. Plus, I've read some of Tiamat's Child's other stories and I quite like the way she writes, she's very good. I will admit that the way she characterized Yuzuriha (which was clearly meant to be a different take on the character) didn't fully click with me, because I couldn't quite see our dear sweet little Yuzuriha thinking that way, but... normally, I throw fits when authors write characters diverting from how I see them. And I didn't get that from this fic, it just sort of made me tilt my head and go, "Huh. That was interesting." and not in a ">_o that was strange" way but a "That was genuinely interesting." sort of way. Anyway, you get the point, but I also wanted to say that I loved Tiamat's Child's writing, it's so smooth and flowing and easy to read, and I just absolutely adored the way Yuzuriha knew Kusanagi wouldn't be ready to know certain things about her, the way she cared so much about him, and knew how he would react. That was pure Yuzuriha to me. *sparkles* (Yuzuriha/Kusanagi, very, very mild Yuzuriha/Satsuki, Yuzuriha/OFC.)

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