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- X - Discord by Shoiryu - *sniffles* Wah, this was so elegantly sad. A short little vignette about, as the author says, "When the one you love is in pain, there are only so many things you can do." As always, the world needs more stories like this one. (No pairings.)

- Everybody Loves Kamui by Kerianne - One of the funniest X-fics out there, period. If you don't laugh wildly while reading this story, there is something fundamentally wrong with your soul. Seriously. I'm a total fan of Kerianne's writing, she does lovely work, and when she does parody, it's funny. Read it. (EVERYONExKamui.)

- Tokyo Babylon - Cherry Blossom Monologues by Amarythia - Wow, again I am in awe of Amarythia's ability to capture the feel of Tokyo Babylon and all it's elegance. I could just see Hokuto-chan thinking this before she confronts Seishirou, and the parallel to the sakura blossoms was beautiful. The last lines about the stage and the monologue were just... perfect. (Pairings: It's Tokyo Babylon, so canon pairings apply.) (Note: Try to view this one in IE, it always crashes Netscape on me.)

- X - This Night, One Night by Kira - Ooohhh, I have a love of well-done Karen/Yuuto fics, and this one definitely qualifies. Kira's writing was lovely and really reflected Karen's point of view. And she nailed Karen's personality, I thought. Yuuto was wonderful as well, and the way he acted here is a great example of why I love him so much. Despite my babbling, this isn't really so much a Karen/Yuuto fic, and definitely not romantic, it's just a moment in Karen's life, a reflection on her life and the circumstances she finds herself in and a bit of wondering. One of the best Karen fics around. (No pairings.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon - All That Could Have Been by Shoiryu - Ooh, I love Shoiryu's little almost-vignettes--they capture these little facets of the X and TB universe that I never really looked too hard at before, and writes a wonderful little tale about them. This one had some lovely, if heart-breaking, imagery and had one of the best descriptions of the Seals I've seen in awhile.

- X - Dragon Dance and Dragon Heart by T-chan - I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started reading this story, it's not a pairing that I've read a lot of, so I wasn't sure what I would think about the dynamics. But as I went along, I just sort of... fell in love with the writing. It's got that quality I sense usually from authors who are both very talented and also a bit familiar with Japanese culture (just a sense I got, there wasn't a whole lot of reference to much), which I don't see nearly often enough. The thing I think I liked the most, though, was that not only were the characters wonderful, the interaction lovely, but it made sense to me, I could believe it in this context. I loved that neither of them had forgotten the other people they loved, but had found something special with each other. Really excellent stories. (Warnings: Not telling. ^_^)

- X/Tokyo Babylon - Chorus of Screams by Genesis Grey - Geck... I'm certainly doing a lot of lukewarm rec'ing lately. Which doesn't seem fair, since these are good fics, just... I don't know that I agree with them. Chorus of Screams is another one of those stories--if I could get past the concept, it would be an incredibly kick-ass story. The (rest of the) execution is solid, the storyteller's POV is excellently done, the style is perfect, and it's just... damned good writing. It's just the trouble of getting over the concept in the first place, believing that the situation would happen.... (I discussed this with a friend and it's not so much the concept itself, but that this wasn't the first time. If this had been the first time it happened, I think it would have been a lot easier for me to buy.) Loved the end, though. Loved it dearly. (Not sayin'. Bit on the graphic side, though.)

- Tokyo Babylon - Beginnings by Nicole - .....I'm not even going to try to avoid gushing over this story, because it's just... beautiful. Wonderfully written, clever, intelligent, insightful, and sparkling... it's one of those stories that I just absolutely adore into tiny little pieces. I love the little, tiny pieces of insight and foreshadowing/contrast woven into the story, Hokuto's views of her brother, Subaru's personality filtered through her eyes, Hokuto not being a hyper-maniac, just a bright, vivid girl, the little details of Hokuto's growing fashion sense, the bit with their grandmother's ribbon, just... everything wrapped up into one beautiful, seamless package. +_+ (No warnings.)

- Tokyo Babylon - Towards the Ground by Meimi - This is the second TB/X fic I read since I took my long hiatus, so it was probably just me that took awhile to get into the feel of this fic. But about halfway through, this story had completely hooked me and I couldn't put it down--Hokuto is such a beautiful character (on the inside--pretty much every CLAMP character is beautiful on the outside ^_~) and this story shows her perfectly. Her love and sacrifice for her brother tug at my heartstrings every time. (Li'l bit SeishirouxSubaru.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon - How Could an Angel Fall so Far? by Aishuu Shadowweaver - The author herself compares the story to Leareth's "In My Line of WorK", which I admit to thinking of while reading as well. But... I also agree that this is Aishuu's take on a similar idea, played out differently and it can stand on its own. Aishuu's writing is very lovely in this story, bringing to mind a feeling of Tokyo Babylon and X. I also found myself really liking the detective's point of view and his reactions to Subaru, the dual sorrow for the lost child he'd met previously and hatred of the kind of person Subaru had become. (No real warnings.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon - Just Someone I Used to Know by Aishuu Shadowweaver - I know that "How Could an Angel Fall So Far?" was a companion piece to this story, but I felt the need to rec them seperately, because while they're similar, they're not as similar as I'm used to companion pieces being. If that makes any sense. Anyway. I have this great fondess for stories that bring back characters supposedly forgotten about (especially from Tokyo Babylon) and have them interacting with the characters that have changed so much, and writing a lovely story about that. I wouldn't have thought of Mirei, but she makes a lot of sense, working for the police as she does, and I love the idea that her work would bring her back into contact with Subaru again. The scene under the tree was lovely and heartbreaking and, dammit, now I need fluff to make my heart hurt a little less. -_- (No real warnings.)

- Tokyo Babylon/X - The Sakuranikomori by Evil Asian Genius - If there were one author I could drag into the TBX fandom full-time, it would be EAG. Seriously. She writes beautifully and so blessedly in character (even when it's humorfic) and then when she does parodyfic... it's hilarious. I could not stop giggling. In a lot of other authors' hands, this story would have been cute, but not all it could have been, a lot of the jokes falling flat, etc. But here... it was utilized perfectly, none of the jokes being stretched for too long, the timing fabulous, the details with Hokuto's outfits great, and the little differences between Seishirou's and Hokuto's reactions, when Hokuto was placed in those situations instead.... HEE! Just... HEE! Oh, and the Fuuma - Hokuto interaction was beautiful. I'd so kidnap EAG and make her write X fic 24/7 if I could. Seriously. ^_~ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- X - X drabble by Elihice - I dare not say too much about this fic, other than that I loved it so very, very much, I didn't see the ending coming, but it was utterly perfect and every time I reread it, I experience the same reaction all over again.'s that for vague, eh? (No warnings/pairings.)

- X - Red and Unexpected Discoveries by insaneidiot - Now, I probably read these two in the wrong order (I read Red first), but, despite the two fics being completely different tones, they go together--though, I do think I suggest reading Unpleasant Discoveried first. Which is the silly, fun, crack fic that made me laugh, while Red was the more serious, rather plausible one. Which... to be honest, is something I've been wanting to see done, because the idea of Seishirou/Karen has niggled at me for a long time. Yet, it doesn't completely ignore Seishirou/Subaru (which would have made it much more difficult for me to read), yet doesn't make it all about that pairing, either. It strides the line between the two beautifully--it's a fantastic little moment in time, but it's not OMG Tru Luv, either, it just... it is what it was. Plus, the aesthetics and tone were just the right pitch for this and I was just... eeee, this scratched the itch I had perfectly. (Seishirou/Subaru implied, some Seishirou/Karen.)

- X - Sorata's Big Gay Adventure by insaneidiot - Sorata was having a nice NORMAL day, and then everyone got all gay on him. Ahhh, X crack is always fun when it's taking a shot at everyone and making their lives embarassing miserable amusing. Another one of those fics where the author writes genuine humor and comedic timing, this time about poor Sorata trying to escape the gay of the series he's in, never having quite realized just HOW much of it he's surrounded by and... well, good luck with that. It's a CLAMP series and all. Very fun and an amusing read to balance out so much of the angst out there. (Lots of gay, most of the usual suspects.)

- X/XXXholic - Appropriateness by Sakanagi - And this was a darling little X/XXXholic crossover, where Kamui goes to Yuuko to get his Wish granted and... things don't work out exactly as planned. It's the way Yuuko reacts to Kamui's "gift" for her, the way Yuuko casually tells Watanuki to go get something for Kamui that's in the back room "in between the bandolier with bells in and the eyeball in a jar." and the ending. Hee! ♥ (No warnings/pairings, not really.)

- X - Progression by EAG - Despite the shortness of this story, it certainly packs a hell of a punch. The picture it paints... in some ways, I dread that it could happen, in others I almost wish it would happen, because it'd be brilliantly horrible. EAG really does the idea well in this ficlet, the faint echoes of Seishirou, the way Subaru is different, the way everything hurts that CLAMP-y sort of way. Not a happy fic, but one that still got to me. (Some light Seishirou/Subaru, but it's not entirely about that.)

- X/XXXholic - Strangers on the park by Elihice - I swear, I start shimmering every time I read a new story from Elihice because she is brilliant at these CLAMP in-house crossovers, the kind that make me fall back in love with everything CLAMP has built over the years. She is brilliant at utilizing the potential of these characters, of the way these little moments can be so incredibly impactful, even if all that's happening is little Subaru talking to Yuuko in the park while a butterfly floats nearby. I cannot express my affection for this kind of story with mere words. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- X/One Piece - X Piece by Jaelle - If you'd mentioned the concept of an X/One Piece fusion/crossover/whatever to me before I'd read this, I probably would have given you a, "" reaction. But reading it in this author's hands, it's genius, I tell you. The infusion of the Straw Hats (who are beautifully in character) into Subaru's life... the beautiful way the author uses this to actually play off the depressing Subaru and actually has fantastic little details worked in and the casting is a thing of beauty. It's just... it should be batshit fluff, but it actually has just enough weight to it to be good. I mean, it's a humor piece, but it's not just randomly mashing them together, it finds little connections and parallels and ways to bring them together and just... oh, Luffy and Subaru in the same room and that Special Person and the Straw Hats in the background being so very themselves and I could not stop grinning the entire time. (Hints of pairings, but not really the point.)

- X - untitled by Tammaiya - So, one of the requests for her latest fic meme was a scene between Subaru and Kotori and I actually sort of perked up at the idea because it's not something you see done very often and I have a strong love of taking two random characters and putting them into a gen scene. Especially when it's done in a way that feels so very natural to the world and the characters, when it makes sense, and the length/pacing of it is just perfect. There's a bittersweet quality to the interaction as well, given that it's Subaru and Kotori and I doubt it could be anything else, and this lovely subtle way of working in the people they care about and hitting me like a two by four to the fangirl chest because it doesn't overplay its hand. It's short but powerful. (Some pairings implied, but they're not entirely the point.)

- X - untitled by Tammaiya - Yuuto/Sorata isn't my usual thing, but it's Tammaiya and she's one of those Queens of All Things X, so I would have read anyway. But it actually is a really lovely piece, the way the characters are compared and contrasted against each other, the way Yuuto sort of drifts along, not quite bitter, but not quite optimistic, the way Sorata seems so young, yet on the brink of discovering the really harsh things about the world. It, too, has that certain quality that I associate with the X world and that Tammaiya does so well. It was an interesting piece, worth reading even if you're not a fan of the pairing, I think. (Yuuto/Sorata.)

- X - All That Glitters by Tammaiya - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 ] - You know, pretty much no one but Tammaiya could get me to read boyband!X fic. Because I know she's going to spin something creative and fun out of it, that she'll include the entire cast (no wonder it got so long ♥) and put neat little spins on the characters' backgrounds into the fic and then give me absolutely delightful SxS fanservice. That is ALL I ASK out of AUs. ♥ And, hell, she even puts in delightful Fuuma/Kamui interaction--how often does that happen? There's so very little FxK out there, much less the kind that's totally on crack yet still staying true enough to the spirit of the characters that I actually enjoy it; it's not just crack for crack's sake, instead it's the fun kind. I keyboard mash in love with how much she managed to work into this fic, how many characters/relationships she managed to cover, and impatiently wait for more. ♥ (Seishirou/Subaru, Fuuma/Kamui, Sorata/Arashi, Yuuto/Karen, possibly more.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/Death Note - Things to do in Tokyo when you're bored by Sophia P - Oh my god. I did not know how badly this crossover needed to exist until I read it. Just. Whoa. From start to finish, this was pure Seishirou. Dangerous, barely interested, elegant, and deadly. The way these two series came together, the way Seishirou truly felt lethal here, the way he was so in touch with the spiritual nature of both series without being too caught up in it, the way everything was paced in this fic it was just... awesome. Start to finish, this one packed a hell of a punch, I was breathless nearly the entire time I was reading. Just. Omg. Brilliant. (No warnings/pairings, not really.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Agony Aunt by Sophia P - [Note: This is a sequel to the fic Not Your Average Kelly Girl.] Oh. Oh. Anya in a meeting with Subaru and adfslkjadsflkjasdlfj "Of course, I generally only offer my special services to wronged women, but hell, you're feminine enough that it sort of counts, right?" Anya's take on the CLAMPverse happenings is both hilarious and a great way to highlight just how ridiculously angsty some of it is and her characterization as a vengeance demon is so beautiful that I can only flail my arms geekishly in appreciation. There are just too many lines and little moments that I'd love to quote in this one, I'd wind up quoting back the whole thing. This should absolutely, absolutely not be missed. (Some Seishirou/Subaru, but it's not the point at all.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon - untitled by Xyn - I don't even remember how I stumbled across Xyn's work again this morning, some random journal hopping that eventually had me clicking onto her journal. But I'm glad I did because this is a really interesting pre-TB series fic about a random encounter between Subaru and Kanoe, one of those kind of stories that I sort of adore in this fandom. Because it makes sense in this context, this random encounter back when Subaru was still so young and before everything went wrong, still just a wee, tiny little thing. And it's one of those random meetings of not-quite-fate that works for these characters, filled with little details that let me see it easily, and some great characterization. Very nice. (Some Subaru/Kanoe, but it's not really a pairing, more gen than anything.)

- Death Note/X - You Are Not the First by fin mefiant - Along with xxxHOLiC, one of the series that has me actually excited about crossovers these days (instead of making faces at the thought) is Death Note, because it's so interesting to see the way elements from one series would affect the characters in another. This is a short and simple piece, Misa runs into a mysterious stranger in the park, someone who seems to know a little too much and someone she can't read at all, and it's just... intriguing and cool. I like the lack of action, there's a tension running through the piece that never quite dissipates, which is about how I would imagine this meeting would go. (No warnings/pairings.)

X/Tokyo Babylon: Minutes to Midnight by joudama - This was a really intriguing look at the city of Tokyo in the Xverse (well, a little AU, but still with the spirit of the series) and it has this really gorgeous atmosphere of... I'm not sure precisely what. Something tremendous and legendary, something a little bittersweet but also amazing. It's hard to pin down, but in a really good way, this was lovely. (No warnings/pairings.)

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