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- X - Eye of the Storm [ Music Video ] is gorgeous. The music is beautiful as well, and the scenes looked like they were made for the video. The editing is lovely and seamless and no one character is overshadowed by the rest. It's just... ow, it's beautiful and haunting and feels so very... X-ish.

- X/Tokyo Babylon - Now & Then [ Marshmallow God Productions ] - My only criticism of this video is that the concept of the song didn't really fit with the idea of the video, it was a little OOC. But, then, that's me and I think people know my views by now. ^_~ Beyond that, the music was a fantastic choice, very... beautiful, I guess. The clips were wonderfully edited as well, fitting the music, and the quality was also good. And despite my reservations, there were parts of this video (especially the TB clips super-imposed over the X scenes) that nearly made me cry, which is usually a sign that something's been done right. ^_~ (SeishirouxSubaru.)

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