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- X - Tears of Mitsumine by Goldcouch - There are a few problems with the story, a few mistakes in the writing here and there (typos, mismatching verbs, words repeated a little too often, etc.), but the basic story itself is pretty solid, and the style (I seem to be stuck on that lately....) is befitting a CLAMP fanfic. There isn't much for Yuzuriha and Kusanagi out there, but I've been in the mood for them this week, so it was nice to see a fic for them, and... I liked it. (KusanagixYuzuriha.)

- X - Redheaded Dancing Girl - Karen Kasumi [ Fan Site ] - Speaking of Karen... this site is very cool, the layout very pretty, and it's all about Karen! Love Karen. *_* There's a lot of stuff here, arranged well, including a really great image gallery. I love the site's take on the Aoki/Karen relationship--yes, there's a very strong bond there, and in different circumstances.... But the thing is, they can't get together without it being OOC or some stupid plot hole. *ahem* Not that there's much Seiichirou stuff on the site, but that just caught my attention. *ahem* Right, kick ass Karen shrine! ^_^v

- X - Trapped by Alexiel - Okay, I admit that Hinoto isn't my favorite character, I tend to find her rather boring and I probably wouldn't miss her if she died in the next X volume. But 'Trapped' was a lovely piece about Hinoto going within herself and her darker inner demons taking over. The mood was just right, the prose lovely, and a wonderful story about an oft-overlooked character. (No real pairings.)

- X - Silence by T-chan - Ohhh, this is what I've been bitching for more of! A quiet little moment that's not about angst or the soap opera that is X. Again, T-chan's writing is solid, very readable, and just that small touch of... something akin to formality and elegance that befits a shoujo manga like X. AND! Kamui and Yuzuriha! Instead, she went to seat right next to him, on top of the bed, with her loyal Inuki curling in the floor at their feet. And, she stayed there, saying nothing, but being someone in his other way lonely, silent night.

Kamui almost flinched at the unexpected gesture, but he had to admit he had also liked it. It had been gentle and caring, and...highly needed.

How could it be that girls knew this sort of things? Just like Kotori, she had always known when he was upset. Shyly, he turned to look, awe and gratitude shining in his eyes, to the girl beside him. He had suddenly understood. It wasn't a matter of woman intuition, it was a matter of friendship. *hearts* And I simply adored the ending. (No warnings/pairings.)

- X - Lullaby by April - Okay, I was just completley sold on this fic at the description of Kamui in the third paragraph. He looked like a puppy left in a cardboard box next to a "free to a good home" sign. Aw, jeez. I think that's one of the best damn descriptions of Kamui that I've ever read. I like this story because it's a bit different from the majority of fic out there, a quiet moment between two characters, showing their connection to each other... and it's not about romance. Sometimes that's really wonderful to read, and it's always wonderful to read about Karen being her sparkling self. (No warnings.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon - Fortunetelling by Mer - This is a crossover with Cardcaptor Sakura, but I'm not going to put it in that section because this is really a story about Subaru. The thing I really liked about this story is that it wasn't the cute piece of fluff I thought it was going to be, this was a much darker and more hopeless story (but not completely hopeless) than I was expecting and... it worked so very well for that. It was painful and ouchy and Subaru was as fucked up as always and I adored that. I also adored the wonderful little details woven into the story, the cards, the ribbon, the whispering of hunches, the mentions of Hokuto... all coming together in a gorgeous little story that's so befitting of CLAMP. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- X - Sorata's Big Gay Adventure by insaneidiot - Sorata was having a nice NORMAL day, and then everyone got all gay on him. Ahhh, X crack is always fun when it's taking a shot at everyone and making their lives embarassing miserable amusing. Another one of those fics where the author writes genuine humor and comedic timing, this time about poor Sorata trying to escape the gay of the series he's in, never having quite realized just HOW much of it he's surrounded by and... well, good luck with that. It's a CLAMP series and all. Very fun and an amusing read to balance out so much of the angst out there. (Lots of gay, most of the usual suspects.)

- X - Progression by EAG - Despite the shortness of this story, it certainly packs a hell of a punch. The picture it paints... in some ways, I dread that it could happen, in others I almost wish it would happen, because it'd be brilliantly horrible. EAG really does the idea well in this ficlet, the faint echoes of Seishirou, the way Subaru is different, the way everything hurts that CLAMP-y sort of way. Not a happy fic, but one that still got to me. (Some light Seishirou/Subaru, but it's not entirely about that.)

- X - due East by Sophia P - It was the final line of this fic that got me. I wasn't quite onboard with all of the crack, amusing as it was (this isn't the author's fault really, it's more that I grow weary of deliberately OOC crack in every single fandom I'm in)--and it really was very funny and the author has a very solid sense of comedic timing--but it was the final scene that was the point of the shortfic that got me. I can't say anything without spoiling it, but... yeah. It totally cracked me up. Especially that very final line. XD (No real warnings/pairings, not really.)

- X - Shadows by Cairnsy - Daisuke is not a character I have given a lot of thought to over the years, which makes me a little sad because I adore the character (and his relationshp with Aoki) so much here, because Cairnsy makes him such a fully-realized person. So much of that is shown through such little things, so much of it is shown through his relationship with Aoki (who is one of my favorite characters from X, only second to my love of S&S) and it's just... it's the kind of family relationship, the older caretaker and the young one who looks up to his uncle that makes me wibble and want to hug a pillow because it warms the heart. Because it's so good, because it's so perfect and squee-worthy and all the other adjectives that describe how I felt as I was trying not to flail my arms about with love at their relationship. It's one of those stories that, even if Daisuke isn't a character one things about much, this is one of those defining fics for him, one of those fantastic reads. I mean, even through Daisuke's perspective, it's amazing how wonderful and warm Aoki is. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- X - Temporary Help by Pengie - Two screens. TWO SCREENS worth of fic into Pengie's X fic and I was literally laughing out loud in that sort of whooping laughter that's embarassing. It's just. *fitful laughter* Nokoru. And his Wish. And I died with helpless laughter. And then there was Subaru and Yuuko and Fuuma being all crazy and Pengie does a beautiful job with being an insane CLAMP fan. This is why I read every one of CLAMP's bajillion manga, so I get to read (and understand!) stuff like this. (It's helpful to be familiar with other CLAMP series, but this is primarily an X fic, I think.) And the ending was gorgeous. I would seriously consider paying her to write that particular crossover because it would be MADE OF AWESOME AND WIN. ....also, Subaru is fantabulous here and I wish for him to show up more often. HARTS. ('s CLAMP. It's going to be gay. But no explicit gay.)

X/Tokyo Babylon: End of the Line by Leareth - Since the x2009 reveals are up (which I always wait for because it's much easier than going back later to edit a post/site update with the author's name, assuming I even remember) I had to zip over to this one because, well. Along with everyone else, this is my favorite X fic series ever, the In My Line of Work series, and this was a wonderful ending to the series. The OCs are just as fantastic as ever, the retirement of Kobayashi and the goodbyes he says to everyone, the cases that were left unsolved, and it's, in turns, satisfying for both being about the warm-hearted goodbyes and the intensity of the cases that he got wrapped up in. The ending is fantastic and just. A breath-taking, perfect ending to the series, the kind that makes me have to stop myself from going back and rereading the whole entire series from the beginning again. Just. as;dlkfjasl;kj amazing. (Background Seishirou/Subaru implied.)

X/Tokyo Babylon: Going to the Wars by Sophia Prester - Oh, this was a breathtaking fic, a meeting between Lady Sumeragi and someone else in their dream, and there is so, so much here that's just. It's elegant and refined and gorgeously written, but it's the emotion of it, the pull on my fangirl heart and the brilliant look into this woman's life and her losses. Lady Sumeragi has often been ignored in fandom and, admittedly, she is a minor character, of course, but this breathes such life into her character. The little touches, the things she knows, the memories she has, the pattern on the tea cups, the feel of the sand under her feet, all of it creates this gorgeous piece. Just. Stunningly lovely. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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