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- X/Tokyo Babylon - Passwords by ladysisyphus - I was journalhopping and happened to stop by the author's journal, seeing she'd written a bunch of ficbits for a meme and followed curiously, since I remember really adoring her FFXII fic. And this was a lovely piece, all the things that SxS should be, the dangerous, unhealthy, obsessive tone between both of them, even when it's something as simple as Subaru standing on Seishirou's doorstep. And there is something extremely hot about Subaru being so blunt here, very, very nice. (Seishirou/Subaru.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon - Static Equations by Sophia - It's been awhile since I've read much XTB fic, but... if there were more stories like this one, ones that took a concept and spun a gorgeous fic out of it, even if it wasn't the take on the characters that I was used to, but something that felt so incredibly plausible for them and so very IC... I would probably be lured back to the fandom far more often. Sophia's writing is gorgeous, she creates this lovely, haunting, almost wistful tone throughout the entire piece, the way Subaru is so calm and almost like he's drifting through life now, it's all the most quietly disturbing when more of the pieces are revealed. The details in the fic, the mechanics and magics of CLAMP's world, the use of flowers and the numbers Subaru uses, the flashes of memory from the past, all of it is woven into a beautiful story. (Some Seishirou/Subaru, some mentions of Fuuma/Subaru, neither are entirely the point.)

X/Tokyo Babylon: End of the Line by Leareth - Since the x2009 reveals are up (which I always wait for because it's much easier than going back later to edit a post/site update with the author's name, assuming I even remember) I had to zip over to this one because, well. Along with everyone else, this is my favorite X fic series ever, the In My Line of Work series, and this was a wonderful ending to the series. The OCs are just as fantastic as ever, the retirement of Kobayashi and the goodbyes he says to everyone, the cases that were left unsolved, and it's, in turns, satisfying for both being about the warm-hearted goodbyes and the intensity of the cases that he got wrapped up in. The ending is fantastic and just. A breath-taking, perfect ending to the series, the kind that makes me have to stop myself from going back and rereading the whole entire series from the beginning again. Just. as;dlkfjasl;kj amazing. (Background Seishirou/Subaru implied.)

X/Tokyo Babylon: Morning by Leareth - [ part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - part 04 - part 05 ] - a;sdfkljas;lkj *claws at my own face* There are times when I think this fic is going to make me explode with the wanting more of it, because it's one of those that just... it's so much of what I want to see with these characters. Such a simple premise, Seishirou shows up in the Seals' mansion one day and decides to make breakfast instead of fighting, and they are all severely weirded out and Seishirou is, well, Seishirou about it. I've recommended the first three chapters before, but now there are two more and they are just as delightful and glee-inducing as the previous ones, especially because Leareth leaves each chapter with a killer cliffhanger and a;sldkfjasl;kj seriously the wait for chapter six is going to drive me up the wall because, nnnngghh, I want it so bad. Not that these two new chapters weren't awesome--Karen's chapter was especially grand, because it was tailored to that kind of interaction she would have with Seishirou, all elegantly polite conversation and dangerous undercurrents underneath, the dangerous flirtation that means nothing to either of them ultimately. And then Kamui! Who really, really doesn't like Seishirou and a;sldkfjalskj THE ENDING OF THAT CHAPTER. *claws at own face during the wait for chapter six* (Seishirou/Subaru.)

X/Tokyo Babylon: A Matter of Principle by Leareth - Given that the two previous fics didn't actually have that much direct SxS interaction in them, I wanted something that was more directly about the two of them and this fit the bill so, so very nicely. There's so much dangerous power lurking under every movement Seishirou makes, under every word he says, and it's easy to let Subaru get swept away with how complicated his feelings for Seishirou are. But Leareth's Subaru is so painfully spot on here, the little ways he is still defiant against Seishirou and yet is still obviously under his spell, the way you can feel Seishirou being just as obsessed with Subaru in return, even if you can't really pinpoint exactly what tells you this, because his demeanor is so polished. But this is not easy or light-hearted, it's painful and hard, all the more delicious a story for it. And a;sldkfjasl;jk the ending. Part of me kind of screamed at it, but in exactly the way I was supposed to, because part of me also felt that was the best ending, the one this fic needed. Just. Mmm, this is what I wanted. *__* (Seishirou/Subaru, a light NC-17.)

X/Tokyo Babylon/xxxHOLiC: Déjà Vu by Rethira Oh, this fic. The summary is: Sometimes Yuuko has days where her only visitor is the same person, over and over, from countless realities. Today, that person is Subaru. And this fic destroys a person's happiness just as much as you'd think it would. The different versions of Subaru, the different lives he lives, the snippets we see through Yuuko's interactions with him, all of it is gorgeously done and perfectly fits with the character. I can't pick a favorite, I can't pick a most heartbreaking one, because it all comes together in a tapestry of possibilities and themes that's just... breathtaking and heartbreaking. The author does an absolutely gorgeous job of keeping the CLAMP spirit with this fic, never pulling her punches, and it's gorgeous for it. (Seishirou/Subaru.)

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