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- XXXholic - creepy, crawly, giant masses of things by Moon Klutz - People. Watanuki’s problems started and ended with people. Oh. Oh. This was brilliant. Such an excellent Watanui piece, the characterization also just sparkles right off the page, it's so finely tuned with the character and genuinely clever. And Doumeki~~ Heeheehee, I really have to ♥ this pairing for stories like this one because it's just so perfect, especially with Himawari at the end and, oh, god, the ending. Brilliant, brilliant fic, brilliantly paced, detailed, and written, I would I could describe it better. ♥ (Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- XXXholic - Sleeping Beauty by Riri - Okay. How can I NOT love a story that starts out with: Once upon a time, in the beautiful, prosperous, and magical kingdom of Holic, there lived a wise and friendly but very mischievous king, Clow, and his equally wise in a more frightening manner, slightly insane, alcoholic, opium-high queen, Yuuko.?? I was sold just from that line alone. XD XD XD It's really short right now, but it's a really amusing little fairy tale-like story with just enough little details (Yuuko is especially delightful here ♥) and solid, sparkling characterization that I really want more of this one. (Doumeki/Watanuki in the future, Clow/Yuuko side pairing, I think.)

- XXXholic - Contact by Moon Klutz - I ♥ Moon Klutz so much for writing this. Not just because it's for me, but because she nails the XXXholic style and portrays an utterly brilliant put-upon!Watanuki. The whole thing just feels like the series and the little details (those two 'demon twins' and the way their words just haunt Watanuki) are genuinely sharp and clever. I laughed the entire way through this, because it was great the way everything conspires against Watanuki, but never feels forced, the way he reacts to everything and I love him and love all the crap that happens to him. Perfectly balanced and I loved the Doumeki/Watanuki hints, they weren't too much and not too little. I gush. <3 (A little bit Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- XXXholic - Peeking Inside the Looking Glass by trixie_chick - You know what sticks out in my mind most about this fic, to be honest? Yuuko and the way trixie has her there, not really doing anything, just swinging on a swing in her dress, but she's so there and I can just see her with that perfect smile of hers while Watanuki looks like an idiot and chases butterflies in the background and Doumeki just sort of goes "...." at the whole thing. The writing is lovely as always and it's just one of those things that I liked and I thought it was a rather neat concept, the way she used the flower her. (Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- xXxHOLiC - Button Pushing by Neo - So, Meg points me towards this fic and I'm not as strongly into Doumeki/Watanuki as the rest of the fandom, but I'll give it a shot for her and, damn, within the first hundred words I was hooked. Because the writing is sparkling and genuinely clever, the kind that has this great pacing to it, that just snaps. There are all these little moments as Doumeki gives Watanuki a cellphone or Watanuki is spazzing to Yuuko about the whole thing or Doumeki mildly comments that Watanuki didn't bring the phone along, and they're all just so great because the author has their voices down, because she has a real knack for comedic timing with these characters. And there were a zillion little moments that I wanted to quote like you have no idea. No idea. It's just... omg, this is what all Doumeki/Watanuki fanfic should be! :D (Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- xxxHOLiC - sacrifice: backtrack by Jennifier D. - "Once again, welcome to my humble home, Doumeki-kun." Yuuko had smiled at him, but it was both bitter and sad, all laced with the sweetest poison of regret. "Maybe, your existence is going to make all the difference we need now." See, I love Jenn-san's writing style and she tends to pick these fandoms where her use of imagery or her ability to write these graceful, elegant lines works with the series' tone, works with the delicate and pretty lines and signifigant symbollic imagery of a CLAMP manga. A short perspective from Doumeki's point of view, from the way he sees Yuuko or the little details of the flowers in the background... and then mixes in that great, wonderful HOLiC-style humor that I love so much. Even when it's a simple piece of character insight with Doumeki, it winds up being one of my favorites. ♥ (Hints of Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- xXxHOLiC - Chess by half_sleeping - Oh, god. I loved this fic just for Yuuko's chess set. Seriously, any fic with the line: She plays chess with Watanuki and that silly boy mourns every single pawn that he loses and falls to her ruthlessness everytime. Sure, maybe the set was a lee-tle realistic, what with the shouts and screams and victory dances, but that boy doesn't need to be such a baby over them, like they were real people. wins me over. It's also, though, that the chess metaphor was used really, really well, the touch of subtlty needed for it, the way it says so much about the characters, about Yuuko and Doumeki and Watanuki and then a couple of really excellent final lines and what it says about the nature of HOLiC and its plot and just... yeah, this was really good. ♥ (Hints of Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- xXxHOLiC - Destiny broken down in two steps by rei_kurasaki - A short little HOLiC fic, but a lovely one where all three of the main characters are just so... yes, even as they're doing something so simple as Yuuko making Doumeki and Watanuki write their names on paper. The little details of the way each of them right, the way the lines reflect their personalities, there's an elegence in the writing to this story, a lovely quality that the author puts in that makes this work. If the writing hadn't been as pretty on a technical level, I think this fic could have been boring, but as it was... there was that certain sparkle it needed. And dear Yuuko is just so great in this fic, as she laughs and compares their hand writing, always just that little bit of not saying anything, amused in how clueless they are. Just... yes, sparkly. So go read, despite this terrible rec, omg. (Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- xxxHOLiC - Getting a Hands-On Education by ciircee - So Meg points me to this fic and, being the good little girl that I am, I read when she tells me to. And, okay, so I bitched about it for a minute (mostly on the whole, "WHERE IS MY CLOW/YUUKO PR0N, PEOPLE!?" but then I settled down) before I read, but I really am glad she pointed this fic out. The dialogue is just genuinely clever, the kind that's sharp and just so much fun to read and just... good writing. The dynamic between Doumeki and Watanuki was brilliant, especially because it wasn't just a short little ficlet, it was actually a good, solid scene between them, so it felt ultimately satisfying by the end. Which may be a strange thing to comment on, but I've noticed a lot of HOLiC fic is rather short, so this one stood out. But it's not just that, it wasn't terribly padded or stretched out, it made sense that the scene went on for as long as it did, the way it teased the readers with all these little hints and suggestions, which was absolutely perfect given the subject matter. And, yes, the flirting was very hot. ♥ (Doumeki/Watanuki. Hint of warning for language.)

- xxxHOLiC/Cardcaptor Sakura - untitled by still_ciircee - There is something so very CLAMP-ish about this fic, in the way Yuuko remembers Clow, in the way the lines and the images and even the format of this fic unfold that reminds me of reading their manga. The soft, bittersweet tone, the way it's almost a tragedy, but not quite, it's something more gentle than that. As much as I love the way they annoy each other endlessly, I adore the fics where they're in moments of seriousness or Yuuko thinks back on him... not quite fondly, but not ready to scream obscenities, either. The last few lines of this one just made my heart ache, too. Whyyyyyy, CLAMP? Can't you just have at least one AU where they're off smooching happily? No? ;__; (Clow/Yuuko, with Doumeki/Watanuki implications.)

- xxxHOLiC - Initiation by evherie - I think I picked the link for this author up from Sabina? If not, then Meg. And I tend to be sulky about the Donuts pairing simply because my heart lies with that other HOLiC pairing, but... it was about a page into the fic, when Watanuki is grumping at Doumeki that he said this: "If I have to say 'what' one more damn time my head will explode and I will make sure it explodes on you! And there will be pieces of brain and blood and other bodily fluids on your clothes! Lots of them! I have big brains!" And that's all it took, really. There's a sort of casualness to the humor that makes me laugh so hard and sparkle and just utterly fall in love with the pairing and be seriously tempted to pick the manga up again just for them. Every line built on the last so that I started with a muffled giggle and, by the end, was attempting to squash a full-on gigglefit. Because the author just makes the interaction sparkle, makes it so easy to picture in your head, and, god, there were so many lines I wanted to quote! Doumeki's expressions! Watanuki's flailing! Doumeki's jealousy and Watanuki's half-daydreams and just everything! Everything made me stuff a fist against my lips to keep from having to explain the giggling and cooing at the part just before the ending and I totally think this fic shines enough to be read even by those who don't know the series. (Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- xxxHOLiC - Closer by evherie - You know what first struck me about this fic? Watanuki talking and talking and talking, but it actually felt like things he would say and that he really was going on forever, but without feeling forced about it. I know it's a strange thing to focus on, but it gives the fic such a natural feel that I sank right into it. It's also that the mother is written so warmly here, she feels so three-dimensional even when you don't really know much of anything about her here and the love she feels for her son and even for Watanuki is so apparent without being hammered into your head. Plus, aww, Watanuki being worried about Doumeki in a way that I could believe, that I could believing their relationship eventually heading to this sort of point. Just. Yeah, okay, this rec kind of sucks, go read the fic now anyway. (Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- xxxHOLiC - July by evherie - Let me tell you a story wherein I really ought to have known better. I was lying down to read this and I had a glass of pop propped up with me and I settled in to read the beginning while drinking. I get to He knows he should count himself lucky that when Yuuko decided they all need to go have a picnic at the beach and that Watanuki not having a pair of trunks of his own was no excuse for staying behind, she didn't force him into the pink g-string bikini with small white plastic wings he has seen in the storage room. and promptly start trying not to cough Dr. Pepper out my nose again. This is what Donuts should be, the kind of fic that actually makes me interested in them because it takes ideas like that and actually makes them good instead of just empty crack. More than just that I found the Donuts genuinely hot here (which I did), it's that they're sharp and clever and the author has this brilliant way with words, every little thing is just perfectly attituned to the characters, even when it's something as little as Watanuki hiding under a towel after what happened. Really, I shouldn't like Doumeki/Watanuki sex in the ocean fic as much as I did, but this author is just too talented for me to not drool all over her work. (Doumeki/Watanuki, R-rated content.)

- xxxHOLiC - Balance by orpheneritus - It's been awhile since I've read orpheneritus' fic, but I remember liking the author's style a lot from the Prince of Tennis fandom, so I was curious to see how her HOLiC fic would fare. I thought the ending was a little rushed, I would have preferred it to be taken a step back. But I feel I can say that because the rest of the fic was so quiet and powerful that it genuinely affected me. I felt Doumeki's anger after the eye incident, after his gift to Watanuki was accepted and the way Wataunuki was curling up in on himself. The emotions of the piece were gorgeous, Doumeki's characterization was brilliant. I can believe his anger afterwards, I can absolutely believe it. It's powerful and quiet until it's suddenly intense and it's so much like the HOLiC series experience for me. (Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- xxxHOLiC - Five Things Yuuko Refuses To Sell by mklutz - asdl;fkjaldfja, HOLY CRAP, I LOVED THESE SO MUCH. The author has such a sense of fun and something that's a little like whimsy that her writing HOLiC is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Especially with her Yuuko omg. She's just. She's brilliant here and the five things she'd never sell are alternately brilliant, hilarious, and kinda creepy. Each one is perfect and together they make a gorgeous whole and I just. This rec is terrible, I'm sorry. I only have this high-pitched squeeing sound in my head right now, it's hard to work around that. So you should just go read instead. (A little Doumeki/Watanuki, but it's not the focus all the time.)

- xxxHOLiC - the one where watanuki makes him a scarf by Meg - Pft, don't listen to her when she says this is the dumbest thing she's ever written/read in the HOLiC fandom, because that would be a dirty lie. Actually... Meg once said something about how she preferred her gayfic to be less with the gay and more with the... when you hit that particular moment in a fic where the character made some small gesture or smiled a little or said some small phrase and it had huge, fangirl-melting impact, you knew the author had done their job. That's what went through my head with this fic, that it's not overly gay so much as it is about characters, relationships, and that one quiet moment that means so much. The ending was fabulous for that. (Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club/CLAMP Horitsuba Academy - Spectacular, Spectacular! by Tammaiya - The Horitsuba drama is so completely on crack that it somehow makes perfect sense to cross it over with Host Club. The two series are so... completely over the top in the best way possible that they blend together nicely here, the way the author is so... grand and romantic and sparkling about all of it is a great tone to take here. And there are tons of fun little details--my favorite is Kyouya and Yuuko having a conversation, how could that not be completely great? ♥ (As the notes say... hints of Doumeki/Watanuki, Kurogane/Fye, Syaoran/Sakura, Watanuki --> Himawari, Kyouya/Tamaki, Tamaki --> Haruhi, and Tetsuya/Ritsu.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/xxxHOLiC - And Sometimes, You're The Bug by Tammaiya - Yuuko. Plus. Seishirou. In. The. Same. Room. Is there any way this author could fail to make this awesome? I THINK NOT. I have desperately wanted an X/HOLiC crossover and this one... both sates that desire and flames it all the further because it's this neat little thing, Seishirou showing up and it fits together so well here and the little details are fantastic. Watanuki's POV in the story is fabulous as well, from the snippets he overhears to the way he spazzes and flails to the brilliant ending of the piece which is something that could have come straight out of the manga itself. That's the lovely thing about this piece, it captures the tone of both series and characters so well, it has so many little details that make it fit into CLAMP's worlds that's just... fabulous. I flail with love. (Implications of Seishirou/Subaru and maaaaybe Doumeki/Watanuki if you squint.)

- xxxHOLiC - (Un) Deniable Loves by Ciircee - I keyboard mash with love over this fic. It seems like every time I think to myself that I'm not really that into the Doumeki/Watanuki thing outside of canon because fandom is sort of bad at it, someone comes along and says, "Hahaha, I'm going to prove you wrong!" and writes this fabulous, sparklingly delightful fic about them. It's such a simple thing, they walk back home from a job, and then Doumeki has a dream, and then they have a conversation. But it's got that same kind of tone that the manga has, the little details that seem almost simplistic or sparse at first are actually very rich and lovely, it very much reminded me of CLAMP's HOLiC style while reading. And the end. I keyboard mash some more over the ending because, oh, oh, oh, Watanuki, I love him so much. His spazzing and hissing and anger were done right here. (Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- xxxHOLiC - untitled by baka_neko - See, I wasn't even looking for any HOLiC fic to read, maybe just a little game fic and then I'd post. But I was browsing my flist and Meg had this "OMG PLZ WRITE THESE FOR MEEEE" post and baka_neko wrote HOLiC and I didn't mean to read it, I just sort of got sucked in and it was brilliant. Because it's exactly how I like Doumeki and Watanuki, because it's just brilliant little character touches worked into the writing, the way Doumeki tries to make something craftsy for Watanuki and maybe he's not so good at it and ads;flkjadfls;jadls;f I can only keyboard mash in love. And spam lots of ♥ to go with it. ♥♥♥ (Doumeki/Watanuki bascially.)

- xxxHOLiC - House of a Hundred Regrets by devikun - I've been poking at the recent yaoi_challenge fics, but there've been so many of them posted that I wasn't really sure where to begin. Then peroxidepest17 pointed this one out and since I had a handful of other HOLiC fics to rec, I figured I'd give it a shot. I quickly became engrossed in this story, it's got a light, easy style to read, filling in all these little details of the setting without getting too bogged down with them, which is one of the best things about the story--the attention to detail as Watanuki and Doumeki are sent on another errand. Plus, there's actual plot, it's not just about getting the characters together, it's about telling a story that... well. I do agree that the transition from Watanuki's part of the story to Doumeki's part of the story was rather abrupt, that the ending felt a little pushed to me (but I also freely admit my bias in this and I do think it was still one of the best Doumeki/Watanuki get-togethers I've read, so I'm not trying to give it a backhanded compliment, it really was very well written!), but overall it's an incredibly strong story, Watanuki's part of this story was really moving, something that felt so true to the series. I loved this story a whole lot. (Watanuki/Doumeki.)

- xxxHOLiC - Barrage by Pero - I really liked this take on Doumeki, how he's not as unaffected by the words Watanuki hurls at him as one might think. It's sometimes the little things that make me really brighten over a fic, the way the author drew the parallel between Doumeki's grandfather's words and Yuuko's words, the idea they both expressed is a really nice fit with the HOLiC series and its themes/meanings. I even like that this fic wasn't so much about a pairing as it was about Doumeki as a character, which was very nicely done. I enjoyed this greatly. (Implications of Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- xxxHOLiC - xxxHOLiC Alternate Universes by rallamajoop - One of the neatest things about HOLiC/TRC is that there are all these different and interesting worlds out there, so when fandom takes that idea and runs with it, especially in such a clever sort of way, it's delightful. There are several different worlds where Doumeki and Watanuki (as well as Yuuko) are different, but still somehow much the same, and it was fun to read about their counterparts in these other worlds. What really sells the fic, however, is the characterization--the author's Doumeki is spot on, the mixture of teasing Watanuki and unflappable reactions and disinvolvement vs involvement, it was especially fantastic. A wonderful read. (Some Doumeki/Watanuki, but it's only half the point.)

- xxxHOLiC - Things You Only Wish You Knew About Ichihara Yuuko by doumeki - measuringlife recommended this fic awhile back and I found her link again today, which I'm glad for because this is another one of those amazing must-read xxxHOLiC fics that does a brilliant job of blending all the elements, both happy and sad, of the manga and illustrating the characters so very well. I love everything about this series of 20 things, I love the haunting tone of some of them, I love the relationship she had with Clow, I love the things she half-knows are coming, and I love the references to other CLAMP works. The Kakei mention is A+++ fantastic. (Some Clow/Yuuko and Doumeki/Watanuki, but they're not the main point.)

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