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- xxxHOLiC/other - HOLiC crossovers by Meg - God knows how I was supposed to catagorize this. So, instead I'm just going to mark it HOLiC/others to save on my sanity. Once again, Meg proves that she can cross HOLiC with just about anything and make it actually work, because some of these are just genius. The one with Gravitation's Yuki is probably my favorite and exactly what I was hoping for, because it's just... it's subtle, it's so incredibly them, and it actually has a point, it's not just random flitting through lives. But, really, each one of them has a point of crossover that actually resonates with me, that certain something that makes me wibble because, yes, some of them... I mean, the Fruits Basket one? Left me in a wibbly pile. And the ending one was a thing of beauty. (Some pairings implied, nothing is the point.)

- Bleach/xxxHOLiC - Cat's Paw by Aishuu - No matter how many well-done crossovers I see these days, I still have that initial burst of skepticism about two such different series being wound together. But I could potentially see it and I was curious as to how Aishuu would write it and... well, obviously, I really liked the whole concept of Watanuki and Yoruichi's interactions. I like that it's not an "obvious" crossover if you don't know the Bleach world, like it could slip seamlessly into Watanuki's life without disrupting it any more than anything else he sees. It's a really cool, clever little way to bring the two series together and it wove in some night insights that ring true for both series, especially given what we know about where the Bleach storyline was headed. This is an intriguing read and I'm glad there's at least one other series (vaguely... sort of) in the same vein. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach/xxxHOLiC - Site Unseen by Aishuu - As much as I liked the first one, even as much as this one was much shorter and lighter, I think I actually liked this one a little bit better because it uses one of the details of Yuuko's shop so well. Only certain people can see Yuuko's shop (and it helps to be familiar with later chapters of HOLiC to get the whole point of this fic) and Ukitake's use of that is just cool. I loved the way this story ended, especially as I can totally imagine Ukitake doing this and just... *fangirls* I flail at the neatness of this. Shut up, I know I'm a dork. (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC/Cardcaptor Sakura - Sibling Rivalry by Laurus Nobilis - For an old and powerful wizard, Clow certainly had a thing for cuteness. I think truer words about Clow have never been spoken. XD You'd think it would be difficult to imagine him sewing cute little clothes for the Mokona... until you stop and realize this is the man responsible for Kero, Yue, Sakura's staff, and whole host of other cute things. And I do so love fics like this, where there's all the background details of Yue taking naps with Soel and Larg or Yuuko watching Clow sew or Kero's general insanity because Clow spoils him... it all makes me just happy to read. (It's gen, but will be of interest to Clow/Yuuko fans.)

- xxxHOLiC - Delirium by evherie - I desperately wish to be able to talk about this fic, why I found it to be the most brilliant thing I've read in quite some time, but I can't. I can't ruin it like that. Because I went into the fic with only a vague notion of it being an xxxHOLiC crossover with Neil Gaiman's Sandman universe and that the author wrote some of the best HOLiC fic I'd ever read. And it was so, so much more than I expected. Brilliant writing. Brilliant concept. Brilliant execution. Brilliant characterization. Brilliant, brilliant stealth crossover that, when I realize, yes, Delirium was talking about that guy, I burst into howling laughter because I would have paid good money to see that. The ending is brilliant as well. Just. Wow. One of the most incredibly clever fics in the HOLiC fandom, the interaction between Yuuko and Delirium is priceless. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC - an almost winter's evening by measuringlife - This is a gorgeous fic from the point of view of a random customer that does a lovely job of showing how they feel walking into that mysterious shop they've never seen before and what it's like to see the Witch of the Dimension (though, she's never called that, she's just sort of... there, drawing your attention in) and be inside that shop. The narrative voice works really well for the story, lets you feel an intimacy with the character while still having that sense of... surreal happenings. I think that's what I liked most, even better than the lovely descriptions and the way it was such a perfect little moment for one of Yuuko's customers, is that the surreal atmosphere of the piece was perfect for a series like HOLiC. (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC - To Everything a Price by Katharos - There have been a handful of Yuuko childhood stories and I've found them fascinating, lovely even. But I don't think I've read one that left me as breathless as this fic did, because every inch of it was gorgeous, haunting, and just that hint of bittersweet tragedy that is so very true to the series. (As well as CLAMP's darker works as a whole.) I sat down at the beginning of this piece and couldn't stop reading until it was done, both feeling satisfied at a tale well-told and aching for more because it was so much what Yuuko background fic should be. It's a history that I find to be brilliant for her, the beginnings of so much of what we see in Yuuko today (especially the beginnings of her love for sake, the way she has a merchant's bartering skills, and more), wound together with a thousand details that create a vivid picture of every scene. The story of how she came to grant Wishes, the story of two young sisters growing up... I cannot begin to describe it properly. This is one of the best HOLiC fics I've had the pleasure of reading, I only wish my rec for it could be more intelligent. It's incredible how right this fic felt for the character, how I can believe this is exactly how everything got started. (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC - Five Things Yuuko Refuses To Sell by mklutz - asdl;fkjaldfja, HOLY CRAP, I LOVED THESE SO MUCH. The author has such a sense of fun and something that's a little like whimsy that her writing HOLiC is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Especially with her Yuuko omg. She's just. She's brilliant here and the five things she'd never sell are alternately brilliant, hilarious, and kinda creepy. Each one is perfect and together they make a gorgeous whole and I just. This rec is terrible, I'm sorry. I only have this high-pitched squeeing sound in my head right now, it's hard to work around that. So you should just go read instead. (A little Doumeki/Watanuki, but it's not the focus all the time.)

- Bleach/xxxHOLiC - A Deal With the Devil by Aishuu - I've mentioned it before, but it always bears repeating--I love HOLiC crossovers that actually work, that aren't just about tossing random characters together, but in finding little connections and comparisons that are deeper than just the surface level. Yuuko dealing with a very powerful customer is something that's all too easy to believe, the weight of it in the prose an intense thing. I love the way Aishuu compares him and that other person Yuuko used to know, the way he reminds her of him, and I love how much is accomplished without it having to be actually said, the author uses understatement and implication so very well here. Lovely. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/xxxHOLiC - "A Very Sakurazuka Christmas" and "It's A Wonderful Life": More Selected Selections from Yuuko Ichihara's Christmas Anthology! by Pengie - You know what can always make Christmas even better than it already was? Christmas fic from Pengie with selected scenes from Yuuko's Christmas book! There's no part of this fic that's not hack-up-your-lungs funny, not from the very beginning with Yuuko settling in to tell her story and Watanuki headdesking violently to the actual story itself, which is a great homage to "It's a Wonderful Life" and all the way on down to the perfect, perfect ending. Pengie does a brilliant job of weaving in a million different elements--the humor, the comedic timing, the crappiness of the X characters' lives, the movie homages, the craziness of CLAMP's characters--and yet never overbalancing any of them. Except maybe the humor. Is it possible to be too funny? Because, seriously, I'm sick here and this kind of hurt. ♥ (Fuuma/Kamui, Seishirou/Subaru, Sorata/Arashi, implications of other regular pairings.)

- Ouran Koukou Host Club/CLAMP Horitsuba Academy - Spectacular, Spectacular! by Tammaiya - The Horitsuba drama is so completely on crack that it somehow makes perfect sense to cross it over with Host Club. The two series are so... completely over the top in the best way possible that they blend together nicely here, the way the author is so... grand and romantic and sparkling about all of it is a great tone to take here. And there are tons of fun little details--my favorite is Kyouya and Yuuko having a conversation, how could that not be completely great? ♥ (As the notes say... hints of Doumeki/Watanuki, Kurogane/Fye, Syaoran/Sakura, Watanuki --> Himawari, Kyouya/Tamaki, Tamaki --> Haruhi, and Tetsuya/Ritsu.)

- X/Tokyo Babylon/xxxHOLiC - And Sometimes, You're The Bug by Tammaiya - Yuuko. Plus. Seishirou. In. The. Same. Room. Is there any way this author could fail to make this awesome? I THINK NOT. I have desperately wanted an X/HOLiC crossover and this one... both sates that desire and flames it all the further because it's this neat little thing, Seishirou showing up and it fits together so well here and the little details are fantastic. Watanuki's POV in the story is fabulous as well, from the snippets he overhears to the way he spazzes and flails to the brilliant ending of the piece which is something that could have come straight out of the manga itself. That's the lovely thing about this piece, it captures the tone of both series and characters so well, it has so many little details that make it fit into CLAMP's worlds that's just... fabulous. I flail with love. (Implications of Seishirou/Subaru and maaaaybe Doumeki/Watanuki if you squint.)

- xxxHOLiC/Discworld - Just Another Tuesday by rallamajoop - I've never actually read the Discworld series myself, but I'm just familiar enough with Pratchett's style to appreciate the humor of this piece. And, lord, HOLiC crossovers continue to be a thing of awesomeness and brilliance, the way they fit together seamlessly and then go and actually have a... *waves hand* it's a meeting between Watanuki and Death, which is almost a simple sort of concept, but it's layered in with all these little details and moments of perfect comedic timing, that I ached from laughing afterwards. The language of the piece is brilliant, the little turns of phrases and overall tone it conveys. The characterization is also brilliant, Watanuki's spazzing and flailing in yet another deadly situation are so spot-on that I couldn't stop reading until the fic was over. I love Watanuki, but I tend to be a bit difficult when it comes to focusing on him in fic. But this story... this story was so sharp and genuinely clever that I didn't want it to end. Such a beautiful blending of two worlds, omg. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC/Fullmetal Alchemist - What You Wish For by rallamajoop - In a way, it still surprises me that FMA and HOLiC can be crossed over together, despite that I've seen it done. Yet, it still works, and the details here are lovely, the connection through the concept of equivalent trade, what people are/aren't willing to give up in exchange for the things they seek. It seems rather natural to me that Ed would eventually seek out Yuuko's shop in this manner and that it would somehow be there for him. I like the nod to what the price would be for raising the dead as well, it's something Ed would ask and that's the answer he would have to be given. Very nice. (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC - Memories and Dancing by still_ciircee - This was lovely and perfect. It's about, as the title suggests, dancing and memories, for both Yuuko and Watanuki and it's... it's everything this fic should have been. I smiled at their banter (or, perhaps, Watanuki's bickering and Yuuko's smirking), I pictured their dancing in the lovely, beautiful lines of the manga, and then felt my fangirl heart turn over in bittersweetness at the ending. Nothing was emphasized too much, it was light and perfectly paced and had all the greater the impact for it. The characterization is fabulous, the details so perfect for a series like HOLiC, and did I mention I about flailed over the ending? (No warnings/pairings that I'm going to count.)

- xxxHOLiC/Fruits Basket - One Thing by Aishuu - I'm at the point where I'm practically leaping for HOLiC crossovers because Yuuko is such a brilliant way to show insights into characters and the things they wish they could change in their lives and what they would/wouldn't be willing to give up for that. I love the way this ficlet is designed to be vague, the way it can be taken more than one way, yet still hits hard when Kyou wanders into the shop and is uneasy and yet wants something so very badly. I love the little detail of the way Maru and Moro smell, too, such a clever little thing. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Not Your Average Kelly Girl by Sophia P - At some point I seem to have gone from merely being willing to read crossovers to positively enjoying them. Damn HOLiC, I'm sure it's their fault. This crossover was all kinds of brilliant, though. The utter culture clash of sticking a Buffy character into the HOLiC universe is fantastic, Anya sticks out like a sore thumb, yet the reason for her being there, the way she reacts to the circumstances around her by being so herself, the way the two universes blend so beautifully together is still yet more brilliance. I just. Anya. And Watanuki. It's fabulous from start to finish, every last word of this one. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC/Shoujo Kakumei Utena - This Ain't a Fucking Fairytale by Aishuu - The thing I say about SKU fic frequently is that there needs to be something more than simply straight-up fic for me with this series, given the nature of the series that I saw. But this has the sense of a twisted fairy-tale, which is something I really love about both HOLiC and SKU, the two series entwining together in a really cool way. One of the best things about this fic, I think, is the two sides of Akio and Dios, the way the prince changes from one to the other over time and, yet, through his two meetings with Yuuko, there is one thing that stays the same--that he can offer her nothing in exchange. It's a really brilliantly insightful piece and shows, yet again, why HOLiC crossovers are such awesome things. (A little Akio/Yuuko, but it's not precisely the point.)

- xxxHOLiC/Cardcaptor Sakura - All the Little Things That Make Up a Memory by allira_dream - This was a short piece, but very pretty, Yuuko's sense of... quiet and loss and thinking of the past for this one day was very nicely done. It's all the prettier because Watanuki doesn't have any idea of what it means, so all he sees are the little details of Yuuko sitting with the two cups of tea and the quiet that descends over the shop. Also: WAH. T__T (Vaguely implied Clow/Yuuko if you want to see it that way.)

- xxxHOLiC - Witch's Mark by Aishuu - I have never been a fan of this pairing--which I mention because I want to point out that this story was interesting/good enough to vault me over my usual avoidance of certain pairings--but the way this was written, the way it definitely felt like fate between Yuuko and Watanuki, the way it wasn't entirely about a coupling for them, the way it was very nicely written hetsex, the way the ending lines were fantastic... yeah, this is one of the neater, more interesting HOLiC fics I've read in awhile. I really liked this idea. (Watanuki/Yuuko, some R-ish level content.)

- LOVELESS/xxxHOLiC - The Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings by allira_dream - There are certain crossovers (usually that involve xxxHOLiC, the crossover champion) that I know will be fantastic almost before I read them and a crossover between LOVELESS and xxxHOLiC promised to be fantastic indeed. Which is was, the two series blending together so well, the way they somehow work despite obviously taking place in different worlds (what with the cat ears and all), the way the tone of both series came together so well. Ritsuka wandering into Yuuko's shop, the choice he's offered, the decision he makes, Yuuko's reaction to it, all of it is this really lovely understated quality that just works. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach/xxxHOLiC - April Showers May Bring Flowers by Sophia P - Seeing a Bleach/HOLiC crossover by this author immediately caught my attention and it was just as satisfying and fantastic as I had expected it to be. The way it fills in background for the characters, the way all these little details are woven into the story, the way the two worlds fit together, the way it foreshadows so much of what we know is going to happen, it's all fantastic. I love how the descriptions of things set the mood, I love the imagery the author used, first in the rain, then the magical-but-not object in the character's hands, the build-up of dialogue to get to the final scenes, all of it was just beautifully done. (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC/Saiyuki - Two Old Family Servants by Katharos - *shrieks* I was wondering a little how a crossover between Saiyuki and xxxHOLiC would work, but because it's this author, I was willing to give it a shot, and then... oh, man, perfection in this little meeting of the two servents who don't even have to say anything to have a deep understanding of each other. The way Watanuki looks at Jiro Shin, the way he sees so much of himself, the way he's so Watanuki here, the way the fic is so clever and hilarious and makes perfect sense... it's all just perfect and fabulous and hilarious and asdlfkjasdlk yes. Excellent. (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC/Cardcaptor Sakura - Moon at Apogee (part 03) by Aishuu - And the story continues to get further into the plot of this, which I've known some details of, so I knew the direction this was heading, but the interesting thing is watching the details unfold, watching Yuuko try to figure out what to do with Yue in her house as he doesn't really have anywhere else to go. The use of flashbacks to frame the story, the way that story is revealed piece by piece as well, is really well-done, it makes the plot feel that much stronger--and I may read fic for the pairings, but I love when there's actually a story being told, which this fic does. And I love the final scene in this chapter, from Yuuko's working of magic to what she glimpses in the future to every little detail, it just blossomed into my mind's eye, that scene. Especially for any CLAMP series, sometimes it's the little details, the little way magic works, the little gifts given that have a deeper meaning, the little crossovers to other series, that is some of the stuff I live for, too. (Clow/Yuuko, but it's not entirely the point.)

- xxxHOLiC - We Don't Need Another Hero by Sophia Prester - [Note: This fic is actually a crossover, but given that it's more of a stealth crossover, I'm not going to list it, since some may want to read it without spoilers. I will do my best to be vague in the rec, but if you want to read it and be surprised, you may want to skip the rec and just read it. It's worth it. ♥] I managed to spoil myself for what series this fic was crossed over with, but I don't think that hurt my enjoyment of it, may even have helped it along, because I was having fun trying to figure out who the character in the story was. I got it about halfway through and watching this story unfold was just... this story is fantastic, everything about it is magnificent. The amount of details worked into the narrative that come from the point of view of a little kid without feeling like an infodump, the way it actually felt like a six year old's perspective and thought processes without dumbing it down or making it sound unnatural, the fangeeking! Oh my god Gatchaman references! I was gleeing so hard as soon as Condor Joe was mentioned, but the running theme throughout the fic was so fantastic and so perfect and, oh, man, this Yuuko is so excellent. She's just perfect, still the Dimension Witch, but not a bad person. The way she gently nudges things in the right direction, the way she treats this six year old seriously but not too seriously, just... I can't even talk about it coherently. This is what does it for me in HOLiC fandom, these clever little ideas pulled off brilliantly. Fantastic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Okami/xxxHOLiC - untitled by Pengie - If you had asked me ahead of time, I don't think xxxHOLiC would have been high on my list of series to cross over with Okami, but this was Pengie, so I was happy to read anyway. Especially after her super-hilarious commentary on the Okami replay she's been doing. ♥ (Seriously, could I just trade my praise and demon fangs in for a stray bead instead of having to race Kai, please???) The two worlds blend together surprisingly well, the interaction between Amaterasu and Watanuki is delightful to read, and oh my god is her Amaterasu perfect. So much said without Amaterasu ever uttering a single thing! I can just picture the expressions on her face perfectly! SO MUCH AWESOMENESS. (Including reading the commentary on the game itself.) Everything about this fic is perfect, I just want to doodle little hearts around it and Waka's silly, silly hat. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC/Ouran Koukou Host Club - Just by Urei Sachi - This is an odd little crossover between HOLiC and Host Club, which I tended to look at as more of a HOLiC fic than a Host Club fic, despite that it's set from Kyouya's point of view. It's strange and a bit creepy and the writing is lovely which only reinforces the pretty, almost dream-like quality of the story. It's strange, but so very interesting for what it says about Kyouya when he must deal with a tragedy in his life, the use of HOLiC and Yuuko's price for him fit so well with a creepy HOLiC fic. Very, very nice. (Kyouya/Haruhi.)

- xxxHOLiC - xxxHOLiC Alternate Universes by rallamajoop - One of the neatest things about HOLiC/TRC is that there are all these different and interesting worlds out there, so when fandom takes that idea and runs with it, especially in such a clever sort of way, it's delightful. There are several different worlds where Doumeki and Watanuki (as well as Yuuko) are different, but still somehow much the same, and it was fun to read about their counterparts in these other worlds. What really sells the fic, however, is the characterization--the author's Doumeki is spot on, the mixture of teasing Watanuki and unflappable reactions and disinvolvement vs involvement, it was especially fantastic. A wonderful read. (Some Doumeki/Watanuki, but it's only half the point.)

- xxxHOLiC - Things You Only Wish You Knew About Ichihara Yuuko by doumeki - measuringlife recommended this fic awhile back and I found her link again today, which I'm glad for because this is another one of those amazing must-read xxxHOLiC fics that does a brilliant job of blending all the elements, both happy and sad, of the manga and illustrating the characters so very well. I love everything about this series of 20 things, I love the haunting tone of some of them, I love the relationship she had with Clow, I love the things she half-knows are coming, and I love the references to other CLAMP works. The Kakei mention is A+++ fantastic. (Some Clow/Yuuko and Doumeki/Watanuki, but they're not the main point.)

xxxHOLiC: Five Choices Ichihara Yuuko Made in 1999 by 20 Thousand Leagues - I snatched the link for this fic off Aishuu's rec because it roused my curiosity greatly, I love the "five things" type of fic with Yuuko's character because she plays into so much of the CLAMP shared universe. This fic was no exception--it ties strongly to X's history in a way where you can see why Yuuko stayed out of so many fights and destined fates. The writing is lovely, it shows off detailed knowledge of the shared canons and doesn't overplay the pain and sorrow that Yuuko goes through, yet still captures so much emotion without having to outright state it. The final scene, the final choice Yuuko made got to me especially. Just. Ouch. Way to pull everything beautifully together. (There are implications of pairings, but none are really the point and are all at least vaguely along canon's lines.)

Kamen Rider Kabuto/xxxHOLiC: Daytrip by moonbyrd - One of the best things about the fic wish list meme that went around is that sometimes those fics are actually getting written. And I of course loved the idea of Yuuko knowing Tendou's grandmother/as Tendou's grandmother as well, but I never really expected to see much of the idea, maybe a drabble from Meg someday or something. And then moonbyrd comes along and actually writes it and, wow, does she ever do a fantastic Yuuko (and Watanuki) voice, she's just so... childish and yet so much the Dimension Witch, all in the span of five seconds' time. Plus her interaction with Kagami (and Gatack! ♥) in La Salle is A+++ and these two series just... fit, it's hilarious. ♥ This was FABULOUS. *loves* (No warnings/pairings.)

xxxHOLiC: If at first you don't succeed by rilina - Oh, this was really cute! A short piece about several scenes of Watanuki trying to cook souffles and how things go pretty much as you'd expect them. It's endlessly entertaining to see the various ways in which the Universe and everyone else interrupt Watanuki's previously calm and ordered life and watch how he spazzes over everything. Plus, it's really cute and got this gentle, laid-back, daily life sort of feeling to it that I really liked. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

Merlin/xxxHOLiC: untitled by Meg - as;dlfjkaslkj I know, more ficlets, but--! It's so perfect the way it is! God, I love Meg's HOLiC fic because she captures the characters so perfectly and I want her to cross everything over with the series, especially if Watanuki is going to briefly meet Arthur and the last line of this is so true omg. Also, I love Watanuki a whole lot. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

xxxHOLiC/Doctor Who: Unpleasant Business by laurus_nobilis - Oh, now this was delightful, just a quick and light-hearted (for all that there are heavier things in the background, but there always are with Doctor Who and xxxHOLiC both) thing that wove these two series together nicely. It's always difficult with a drawn series and a live action series, but I really liked the little details, the way the Doctor sat so he wouldn't have to take his shoes off or the way Yuuko talked to him. Really charming little fic. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

xxxHOLiC/Doctor Who: if I could put Time in a bottle by incandescens - Another fic based on the same prompt (to put Yuuko and the Doctor into the same fic) and it's another lovely piece. This time it's got a wider focus and the author does a completely terrific job of getting the Doctor's personality down in just a few lines each time, yet still giving him that same core that always comes along. His interactions with Yuuko, all the little details and moments mentioned in passing (I would do a lot for that one with Sakura that was mentioned), all of it are clever and delightful. (No warnings/pairings.)

xxxHOLiC: And on the Air, a Whisper by Sherri - This is a really lovely look at Yuuko and how she may have become the Dimension Witch. I clicked onto it for the Clow/Yuuko interaction, but I actually wound up staying more for the take on Yuuko herself, the lovely sense of something like calm and the imagery wound through the piece. It felt very... HOLiC, I guess is the way to put it. Very cool and very interesting. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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