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- XXXholic/CCS - WAKE by Meg - As always, Meg does wonderfully with CLAMP characters, especially CCS (and XXXholic) ones and the impact of this story was exactly what it should have been. I liked Yuuko especially, the way she was so... Yuuko, in that she wasn't nice, but she wasn't the bad kind of evil, either. All the little references (like not quite remembering names or the way she was irritated with the way things ended up) were very nice touches and it was a wonderful little Clow/Yuuko story that wasn't overdone. ♥ (Faint Clow/Yuuko in a sort of CLAMP-ish way.)

- XXXholic - Tea and Sympathy by sexybee - XXXholic/CCS is such a difficult series to work out all the little magical details for (which I mention, because I'm not sure how much this story fits with my view of the CLAMP magic, especially re: other worlds--also, I pretty strongly believe that XXXholic and CCS are in the same universe), which can often trip me up in a story, but... well, the reason I point this out is because I wanted to say that the story is one of those that's so well-written, so perfectly characterized, all these fantastic, perfect little details, that I found it not mattering much at all. Watanuki is brilliantly written here, right down to his interaction with Touya, Touya and Yuuko's roles in the backgrounds were also just fantastic, all of this story just so... right for XXXholic. And those little twin things? Hi-lar-ious. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- XXXholic - a loophole in time by Jennifier D. - Oh, blessed XXXholic fic that does fantastic justice to Clow and Yuuko's characters! Jenn-san is one of those authors who just has this tremendous knack for sharp dialogue that's still in the style of the manga she's writing about, the way she weaves these little details or insights in that just nail what I so loved about the original. And Clow and Yuuko's interaction here is no exception--Clow's aggrivating personality while he's still so effing NICE, Yuuko's irritated snarky personality that's still somehow something almost like sweet. Clow's reasons for what he's doing (that aren't spelled out entirely, yet make so much SENSE and fit with the character, that he'd want to protect the people he loves in this way), Yuuko's reaction, the way both characters are different and yet so similar and just... *happy, floaty sigh* This is one of those little background pieces between Clow and Yuuko that I could so easily see fitting with canon, that so captured what they were like that it... I mean, I felt like I was reading the manga, really. <3 Plus! CLOW AND YUUKO INTERACTION! Even if it's gen, I still flutter madly. >D (No warnings/pairings.)

- X/XXXholic - Appropriateness by Sakanagi - And this was a darling little X/XXXholic crossover, where Kamui goes to Yuuko to get his Wish granted and... things don't work out exactly as planned. It's the way Yuuko reacts to Kamui's "gift" for her, the way Yuuko casually tells Watanuki to go get something for Kamui that's in the back room "in between the bandolier with bells in and the eyeball in a jar." and the ending. Hee! ♥ (No warnings/pairings, not really.)

- XXXholic - Playa Escondida by Kirisame - "Looks pretty," she spoke, looking at the sand castle, when the effect was fading. "But you know it's not going to last so long." The writing of this story is rough, it could have used a good, solid native English beta, but the basic foundation of the story is excellent, the relationship between Clow and Yuuko is terrific and the banter/chemistry fairly sparkles. It has all the right little touches--drinking, Keroberos and the Mokona playing at the beach, drinking, building sandcastles, drinking, Yue being embarassed, drinking...--that it felt right for these characters. I was terribly amused. <3 (Hints Clow/Yuuko, but could be gen, too.)

- XXXholic - The Things Kids Do by Laurus Nobilis - *bounces* Eeee! More Clow/Yuuko fic! With hysterical dialogue! It's one of those stories that is dialogue-only but still manges to get tone and background happenings across just fine, you get the whole picture, despite only knowing the words of what they're saying. Plus, the dialogue is genuinely clever and has that fantastic spark these two have when they start teasing each other. I love the ending. ♥ (Hints of Clow/Yuuko--SHUT UP YES THEY ARE TOO THERE--but could be gen, too.)

- XXXholic - Severus Snape And The Quest For The Bishounen's Eye by Laurus Nobilis - Heeheehee! Snape being forced to seek Yuuko out for a rare ingredient for a potion he needs to brew quickly and then has to deal with her while making the transaction. The HP parts of the story are adorable, but it's the brilliant characterization of Yuuko here that makes me cackle in delight over this story. Beautiful. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- XXXholic - Mourning by Tari Gwaemir - I can't figure out how I feel about this story, if I agree/disagree, if it makes me want to cry, if I find it bittersweet, if I should smile at the end, if it's uplifting, or a little of everything. Probably that last one. But what I do know is that it's beautiful and is so very Yuuko, especially after Clow's death. I could just absolutely see this, right down to the watching magic unravel and rewind itself back into intricate patterns. Very CLAMP-ish and very much like Clow and Yuuko's characters. *curls up in the corner and is depressed* (Faint Clow/Yuuko if you want to see it that way, but closer to gen.)

- XXXholic - Butterfly Effect by Laurus Nobilis - Clow and Yuuko fic! With shiny banter and the beginning of things and the careful nudging of worlds and the snarking and the Clow smiles and the Yuuko shrieks of indignant irritation and even the moments of almost bittersweetness. I love fic with Clow and Yuuko that balances both their delightfully batshit relationship with the heavier, weightier sides of what weighs on each of them, especially what drives Clow here. For all that it swings back and forth between the two moods, it's not schizophrenic, it has a natural grace that flows really well and just... I sparkle over the Clow/Yuuko dynamic so much. (Not Clow/Yuuko, it's gen, but I'll put it in that catagory anyway.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/XXXholic - untitled by Elihice - Note: I would suggest reading the post linked in this fic, as it'll explain the concept behind the crossover better. After you've done that... HEEHEEHEE. Watanuki as part of the Kinomoto family? It shouldn't be this seamless or this brilliant, but when Elihice writes it... it's just genius. It's beautifully CLAMP in that funny way, all the little touches (especially Kero-chan's role or the way Touya is so Touya about it all) and the fantastic writing. God, THIS is why I'll never leave the CLAMP fandoms, because you get brilliant crossovers like this that actually do justice to the idea. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- DNAngel/XXXholic - Wishful Thinking by Ysabet - OMG. I did not think DNAngel and XXXholic could be crossed so brilliantly, but Ysabet just nails the voices and dynamics of both series, meshing them in a really seamless crossover. It's hysterical fun to watch Dark and Daisuke squabbling at each other, it's hilarious to watch Dark trying to break into Yuuko's house, and I was in hysterics while he was trying to talk his way out of a mess with her while being attracted at the same time. The story is full of little touches that are absolutely perfect to each world (the "weapon" Yuuko brandishes at dark is just brilliant), just perfect to each of the characters, so that they screamed of themselves, rather than just two people who happened to have their names. And, oh, Dark's thought process towards the end was a thing of beauty--this is a story that really demanded a lot, given the two characters facing off here. Dark vs Yuuko really had to be handled by a deft hand to do it justice and... man, so far this fic is doing a fabulous job of that. (No real warnings/pairings so far?)

- XXXholic - Fact and Fiction by Laurus Nobilis - Eeeheeheehee~ I adore fics with Yuuko teasing Clow, the way they snipe at each other, delight in annoying the other, and the way Clow is just so... Clow about the whole thing. But, I also really love the concept behind the fic, the possibilities of fact and fiction that a manga like XXXholic opens up. (Not really Clow/Yuuko, but I'm counting it anyway.)

- XXXholic - Wabi-Sabi on a Wednesday, late afternoon by kittu - There's a certain feel to this story, something about the atmosphere and the way Yuuko moves/doesn't move that's so reminiscent of the manga that I could just see the whole thing perfectly clear and... there's also this sense of deeper meanings without being too obvious about them that I also very much associate with the manga (and all CLAMP manga in general, I suppose). Toss in some perfect Yuuko characterization, that delicate balance between crazy lady and Witch of the Dimensions with some lovely imagery and you've got a very nice little fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- XXXholic - That Same Old Song by Aishuu - "Clow," she replied, her voice amused since that was what he expected. "You've shrunk since we last met." Oh, I'd been enjoying the fic up until that point, but that just sent me over the edge in a fit of giggling because I could just picture the look on Yuuko's face as she said it. ♥ This story was just... it was everything that Aishuu set it out to be, cutely amusing and snarky in parts, bittersweet in others, a perfect blending of the two, much like the characters themselves. It's one of those clever little concepts that can be played with because of the crossing of CLAMP's worlds (Yuuko meeting Eriol, that is), but also captures that sense XXXholic (and Clow and Yuuko in particular) had, that whispy, hazy sort of undercurrent to everything. Plus, I really enjoyed the deft hand Aishuu used for Yuuko's feelings here and the way Eriol reacted to her. *__* (Hints of Clow/Yuuko.)

- XXXholic - Names by Anna - Another very nice, bittersweet Clow and Yuuko fic, set sometime before the series and... my favorite part of this story is the way Clow feels about Sakura in the various worlds, the way I really believe how special he finds her, the way it ties CCS!Clow and TRC!Clow together with the way it affects Yuuko, seeing his preparations for the future. That and the ending, the way names feature into this and what it means for them. Lovely characterization. (Hints of Clow/Yuuko.)

- Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/XXXholic/Cardcaptor Sakura - utitled triple crossover by Elihice - Seriously. Still so much with the love for CLAMP's various worlds and how they cross over and how much potential is there for moments like this, when Clow and Yuuko are discussing and making plans for the future. I love the idea of this, the way two Clows from different universes meet up, the sheer amount of fun that scene was, but... at the same time, there's this serious undertone of what they know is going to happen, what they're doing to shape the future. It's sharp writing and it's all so... CLAMP. I love it. Also, MUCH TOUYA LOVE HOORAY. *shimmers* (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- X/XXXholic - Strangers on the park by Elihice - I swear, I start shimmering every time I read a new story from Elihice because she is brilliant at these CLAMP in-house crossovers, the kind that make me fall back in love with everything CLAMP has built over the years. She is brilliant at utilizing the potential of these characters, of the way these little moments can be so incredibly impactful, even if all that's happening is little Subaru talking to Yuuko in the park while a butterfly floats nearby. I cannot express my affection for this kind of story with mere words. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Petshop of Horrors/XXXholic - Welcome Gift by Crysi - This should probably go in with the drabbles, but it was too priceless not to give it a full rec. Because... heeheehee, Yuuko and D in the same universe. Brilliant. And poor Watanuki. So much love for this ficlet and the possibilities it represents. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- XXXholic - Contact by Moon Klutz - I ♥ Moon Klutz so much for writing this. Not just because it's for me, but because she nails the XXXholic style and portrays an utterly brilliant put-upon!Watanuki. The whole thing just feels like the series and the little details (those two 'demon twins' and the way their words just haunt Watanuki) are genuinely sharp and clever. I laughed the entire way through this, because it was great the way everything conspires against Watanuki, but never feels forced, the way he reacts to everything and I love him and love all the crap that happens to him. Perfectly balanced and I loved the Doumeki/Watanuki hints, they weren't too much and not too little. I gush. <3 (A little bit Doumeki/Watanuki.)

- XXXholic - A Present by laurus nobilis - When Clow Reed randomly showed up in your garden with a smile and a present, it had to be a suspicious matter. Have I squee'd about my love of Clow and Yuuko in the last five minutes? Because, if not, I'm probably going to be doing a lot of that now. It's just that I get such a fabulous sparkly feeling when I read sharp dialogue like this, Clow giving Yuuko a pair of pretty shoes, Yuuko being terribly suspicious, Clow just smiling in that serene, unreadable way of his, Yuuko wanting to rip it off his face but she can't sense anything wrong with the shoes, all of that, I love it all so much. And it has all these lovely background details and a fantastic ending. Actually, I really enjoyed reading the author's notes, becuase you realize how terribly clever the story is. And more really, really needs to be played on that. ♥ (Not really Clow/Yuuko, but I'm counting it.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/XXXholic - A Wizard's Staff by Meg - FUFUFUFUFU. You know, for all that I love Clow always being the serene bastard and making other people screech in rage, it is brilliant to see the shoe on the other foot for once. Because you know, know Yuuko and Kero-chan would totally gang up on him and you should probably feel badly for Clow, but HAHAHAHAHA NO. *loves this fic with mad abandon, cannot stop grinning even now* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/XXXholic - Be indomitable, O my heart by Meg - MEG! WRITING CLOW AND YUUKO! SHE HASN'T DONE THAT NEARLY RECENTLY ENOUGH! Especially not when they're drunk and her Clow and Yuuko are so incredibly perfect, right down to the way the room sways around Yuuko or the way she uses the theme. This is brilliant and, oh, how I would demand more of Meg if I could. Seriously, seriously one of the best uses of the theme and those last two lines sent me into fits of glee and laughter. (Clow/Yuuko.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/XXXholic - Tsarina by r_avis - he thought often --- and cynically --- that she dressed like a lazy lover, one who awoke from slumber only to miss buttons when redressing and examine crossly the function of underclothes So, Meg pointed out this fic the other day. I read and fell in looooooooooooove. The above description of Yuuko sold me on this shortfic immediately, because it's such a beautiful and perfect way to describe Yuuko, but I also loved this story for the way Clow and Yuuko feel around each other, there's this beautiful sense of subtlty and power and knowledge... without having to be obvious about it. I mean, it's never even mentioned, I just felt it. Lovely fic. (Hints of Clow/Yuuko.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/XXXholic - Greetings my stupid four-eyed cousin... by cynic_in_charge - I admit, I wasn't sure I was entirely onboard with the characterization of Yuuko in this story, but the writing is smooth and the details are solid (the mentions of feathered wings versus gossamer wings was particularily nice, as well as the description of Yue and Keroberos in the past) and there was one thing that really sent me over the edge with this. The very three sentences of this fic prompted the most hilarious image I have read since... well, probably the last brilliant fic I read. Because, seriously. I WOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER PAYING SOMEONE TO WRITE THAT. IT WOULD BE SO FUNNY. (No warnings/pairings.)

- XXXholic/Harry Potter - A Fair and Reasonable Price by Meg - I know, I know, I didn't use to like crossovers so much, but XXXholic is one of those series that I just can't work up even a vague feeling of guilt about liking it crossed over so much. Part of that is just that it works so damn well and part of it is because of stories like these, where Meg writes it so damned well. I mean, the little details are brilliantly done, from Draco's first approach to Yuuko's shop to the way Watanuki reacts to the language barrier to the way Yuuko is just So. Fabulously. Yuuko. to Snape's description of Yuuko to the breath-taking ending. I love the note this ends on, it's a perfect place to end such a story, I don't think it could have ended any other way, and Meg's Yuuko is just... she's perfect, utterly perfect here. I cannot flap and squee and flail madly enough over this. And I still think she should write Eriol-goes-to-Hogwarts. No matter what you think of crossovers, read this one. (No warnings/pairings.)

- XXXholic - Too High a Price by Aishuu - Probably one I should stick in with the drabbles yet again, but Aishuu wrote this fic so well that it actually felt like a whole story, there was nothing more it needed, the meat of the story was all there. And the characterization and tone of the story were pitch-perfect, this felt like XXXholic, this felt like Yuuko to me, the kind that could have easily taken place in canon. Lovely, lovely fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/XXXholic - Thy Divining Heart by cynic_in_charge - It took me a moment to fully get the implications of all three conversations Yuuko has in this story (because, apparently, I've taken to skipping author's notes), but when I did... *breathy fangirl sigh* this is why CLAMP and XXXholic own me, because of the sheer potential and coolness of the characters that could interact. Each conversation is lovely, each has its own tone and sparkle in a different way, but all three of them blend together to create a beautiful whole that is so brilliant for the CLAMPverses. I honestly cannot pick a favorite of these, each one has something brilliant to offer or a moment that sends me into peals of gleeful amusement. Plus, oh, the metaphors of chess that are delicate and elegant and so perfect or the way drunk!Clow interacts with drunk!Yuuko or the sheer brilliance of the final conversation. Just... I loved this. (I'm counting it as Clow/Yuuko.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/XXXholic - Meeting by Laurus Nobilis - So, Meg pointed this fic out the other day and I'm really glad she did because I had somehow managed to miss it (Wtf? I usually see these things! :O!) and I adore Laurus Nobilis' fics, she always seems to come up with these amazing little crossover fics. And Touya and Watanuki interaction is fabulous, especially because it really captures the essence of XXXholic, the way there's a point to be made, there's a parallel to be drawn between these two characters. It's one of those that I never really thought of on my own, but reading it here makes it seem so blindingly obvious and it fairly well sparkles right off the screen. I mean, it's Touya and Watanuki! I love the interaction, I loved the dialogue, I love the hints at Yuuko's machinations that Watanuki just didn't get and I loved this whole thing. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Harry Potter/XXXholic - The Garden of Persephone by Meg - [Note: This is a sequel to this fic, which should be read first.] Seriously, it's amazing how well Harry Potter and XXXholic blend together in Meg's hands, especially the way this story has this... this darker tone to the writing without being all DAAAAAAAARK or over the top emo wangsty. Meg does brilliantly with Draco's character, especially in the way he interactions with Yuuko and then has to go back to his own world and there are all these fabulous little touches, the way Snape's words are almost vague or the bit about the snakes and what Yuuko says about them and the little touch with the Bible and then there's the fabulous climax of the story that's just... all right right notes it needed. When Draco realizes what it is that he's gotten, it's an incredible moment. So much love for Meg. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC - Yuuko by cynic_in_charge - What I love about this story--and this author in general--is that there is a very strong sense of Yuuko here, not just Yuuko as half of a duo, but the character in her own right. The atmosphere of the details, all silk and candlelight and hazy smoke and soft music in the background and delicate embroidery on clothes, vividly reminds me of xxxHOLiC, so much that the whole entire story just flourishes in my head in the style of the manga itself. Not even the black and white pages, but those beautiful color illustrations that CLAMP does. Then you toss in all these little details of the things Yuuko does, the almost whimsical (if such a term could ever be applied to Yuuko, which isn't quite it, but I can't quite put my finger on the one I do want) way she glides through life and it's just... wow, it's a beautiful take on her character. Each line of this is wonderful. (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC/Naruto - untitled by cynic_in_charge - xxxHOLiC and Naruto should not cross this well, but the author keeps the spirit of these two characters, Yuuko and Tsunade, so wonderfully in-tune with themselves and uses the connection of gambling to bring them together and makes it work. Not only is it fun to see them drinking and gambling against together, but the story, like both HOLiC and Naruto have a tendency to do, takes a turn for the serious at some point and then rips your heart out. The Tsunade POV for this story works brilliantly and the ending is just... all kinds of fabulous. (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC - She will not leave by cynic_in_charge - Oh, wow, I loved this. So incredibly much. Even the character that continually asks Yuuko to leave with him just fits so perfectly into her background, I almost can't imagine that this wasn't how Yuuko first came to be the Witch of the Dimensions. Each time the man comes for her, each time the previous life had fallen to ashes around her, each time she refuses to leave with him, each time she is so steadily determined even as a child, each time a little piece of her background is revealed, it's an amazing read. Each piece of this story builds towards the Yuuko we know today. And, of course, I rather squeed over the mention of the man at the bookshop. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC - Beginnings and Endings by Crysi - Well, now this was just all kinds of Utterly Cool. Yuuko and Watanuki inheriting her legacy and the passage of time and the baton, as it were, and the way everything feels like this is where it was supposed to head. I can't emphasize that enough, that this felt so natural to the xxxHOLiC world that I have trouble seperating it from the canon, especially because the characterizations were so sparklingly right. And the little tacked-on conversation at the end? The price for Yuuko's wish and just what exactly that wish was? SQUEE. ♥ ( real warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC - Pygmalion & Galatea by cynic_in_charge - Oh, my god. Yuuko and Shakespeare and all kinds of brilliant. It's not something I would have imagined could be so absolutely, astoundingly perfect, but it somehow really worked, the two universes meshed together amazingly well and it made sense. The references to plays (Yuuko's reaction to his first play about her was all kinds of awesome ♥), the way it was so beautifully Yuuko, the lovely writing, the historical references, all of it combined to create this piece that's probably one of the best xxxHOLiC fics I've read. And, oh, the ending. Hee. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- xXxHOLiC/Cardcaptor Sakura - Afternoon tea by Elihice - *sparkles* This is one of those ideas that I immediately jumped on, both because I love the author's HOLiC work and because it's so loaded with potential, a meeting between Eriol and Yuuko, considering the tenuous-yet-not connection they have. All the little details, the way Yuuko notices Ruby Moon and they snark about it, the way there's this lovely tension running through Yuuko the entire time, even as Eriol is rather unfailingly polite about it. The way Watanuki sees that there's something a little different about this meeting, but can't really tell what, the way Fate still swirls around them in that way it has, and a great ending line. Just... hee, yes. ♥ (I suppose you could read Clow/Yuuko into it, but it's far more gen than anything.)

- X/xxxHOLiC - A Debt Repaid by Pengie -, I love Pengie, right? But you knew that already. Still, I love her so. Because, oh, my god, nobody does CLAMP/X humorfic like she does, there are so few people who can send me into giggle fits when she gets to her punchlines or concepts (*chants* I will not give this one away, I will not give this one away, I will not give this one away--) so that I'm snickering so hard I'm getting funny looks again. Especially the end. Especially the end. And the middle part. Because nothing is as much fun as watching Seishirou be a perv, Kamui being put upon, Fuuma being crazy, and Subaru not protesting Seishirou's advances as much as he could. And froggies! But mostly the end. Because I would totally, totally BUY THAT BOOK. (Watanuki's bit especially amused me.), this rec sucks. You go read now instead. (Mentions of Seishirou/Subaru, Fuuma/Kamui.)

- Bleach/xXxHOLiC - untitled by half_sleeping - [Note: At least one of these scenes has spoilers for the Soul Society arc.] These drabbles should not work so well, you just shouldn't be able to blend Bleach and xXxHOLiC so well together! And yet. These three short fics were just... each had a different way to cross the two universes, each had a new bunch of clever little details (I loved the casual way Watanuki's powers were stronger in Soul Society, the way it made so much sense, but wasn't even the focus of the scene), the way each one of them had characters interacting in that way that made me sit up a little straighter and go "Oooh." Because, seriously? Aizen and Gin showing up at Yuuko's shop? Awesome. (No warnings/pairings.)

- xXxHOLiC/A Tale of Two Cities - Desiderata by kittu - I actually read this ages and ages ago, but I had the worst time trying to figure out what to say about it, especially since it's been ages and ages since I read A Tale of Two Cities, to the point I don't even remember most of the characters from it. But the writing is lovely and the subtleness of Yuuko's portrayal and the way the two universes blend together just so beautifully well, the way wishes are used, the way Yuuko's power is used, the way love and unrequited feelings and kisses, the way all of it is blended together in this really very strikingly powerful fic is very nice. Definitely worth a read. Even if I pout that there wasn't more Clow/Yuuko. ^_~ (Yuuko, Sydney Carton, Lucy Darnay, Clow, and a mess of romantic pairings/feelings.)

- xXxHOLiC - Perception of ignorance by Elihice - How much do I adore Elihice and her CLAMP writing? She comes up with the best little perspectives or ideas or little sparkly bits, so when I'm reading her Watanuki gen, I just get all sparkly-eyed because, yes, that's the stuff right there, because that's the character I want to read about forever and ever. Because it's just... all the little details and they fit and the gorgeous dynamic between Watanuki and Yuuko, what it says about Watanuki that he knows some things so well and doesn't get other things, but it all fits together with the characters so damned well. Adored this. <3 (No warnings/pairings.)

- xXxHOLiC/Spirited Away - What is your wish, young dragon? by cynic_in_charge - What is it about HOLiC and crossovers that's just so wonderful? I mean, I know the potential is there, but it still keeps surprising me how beautifully some of these series go together, the way they seem to effortlessly mesh and it makes sense. I admit, I'm only very, very passingly familiar with Spirited Away, but I don't think it takes away from the fic all that much, I still read, enjoyed, and had my breath sharpen a little because it was just so achingly perfect. I could picture it in my head, it worked so beautifully and the writing is gorgeous and I have zero insightful commentary to add because I'm too busy gibbering instead. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- xxxHOLiC/Cardcaptor Sakura/X - 'Twas the Night Before Apocalypse by Pengie - ....GENIUS. Genius that none of us are fit to behold! No, really, even before I read the fic, I was practically bouncing on the bed because Pengie's style would be a beautiful, beautiful thing with Clow and Yuuko. And, oh, how I was not disappointed. From the opening scene to the way I was practically in fits of painful, spasming laughter (oh, god, the limerick, it hurts to giggle that hard), it was just so, so beautiful. Because Yuuko and Clow and the back and forth dialogue and the Mokonas and Kamui and the randomness that she does like no one else can and the Clow and Yuuko flirting in that special way they have and the brilliant, brilliant details and the limerick and the spasming laughter and Clow and Yuuko. This fic totally deserved my incoherent run-on sentence there, yes. So much beautiful drunkenness. ♥ (Hints of Clow/Yuuko, but it's more gen than pairing.)

- xxxHOLiC/Cardcaptor Sakura - Water and Oil by strayphantom - aki_omoi pointed this author out to me and, again, I'm glad she did, because it was a charming little Clow/Yuuko piece. It might not be one to read if you're just dabbling with the pairing, since it's just a little drabble that feels like it should be part of a larger scene (as there's not really much of a focus for it), but I enjoyed it because the writing was clean and the characterization was very solid. It's hard to describe why this story piqued my interest, but a lot has to do with the way I really want to see more from the author, I would very, very much like to see her write something longer with the characters. *__* (Clow/Yuuko, except that it's gen more than anything.)

- xxxHOLiC/Cardcaptor Sakura - Black Coffee by strayphantom - I don't think this fic is as strong as the previous one, there were a few places I really itched to take my red pen to, but it was still solid overall enough that I felt it should go on the list. (Given that my recs are about what I enjoyed and what I hope others might get some enjoyment out of as well, however that might be.) Some of the imagery was nicely done, I enjoyed the opening line of Yuuko's eyelids fluttered open like the wings of an epileptic butterfly. and the whole premise of Yuuko having a horrible hangover and Clow helping in that way he has... it was just a fun little shortfic. XD (Not Clow/Yuuko, but.)

- Fullmetal Alchemist/xxxHOLiC - Quid Pro Quo by Tammaiya - Two things come to mind for me when I heard the concept of this story. One, HOLiC can be crossed with anything. Two, ....wait, FMA? It's not a crossover that I would have thought of immediately, but xxxHOLiC is crossable with just about anything, so I was more than willing to give it a shot. (Especially considering the author.) And the two series came together beautifully, both in the sense of tone/concept and the use of equivalent trade as well as on a character level. Because Yuuko driving Ed nuts in that way she has? Brilliant. Ed's characterization is amazing, it's so spot-on in the way he's such a brilliant little hot-headed character, the way he's so smart, even while he's being so annoyed by everything around him. Yuuko is brilliantly in character as well, that slinky way she has at times, the way that can shift to evil amusement in the blink of an eye, the way she knows things, the way she forms her sentences, the way Ed plays off her so brilliantly well. And, oh, my god. The ending. The ending with the Mokona and Maru and Moro. It's... it's... I can see it so perfectly in my head and I just sit there and laugh and laugh and laugh every time. So, so much love for this. ♥ (This is gen. If you really squint, you might see a vague hint of RoyEd, but it's intended as gen.)

- xxxHOLiC/The Little Mermaid - Professional Courtesies by Aishuu - You know, for all that Aishuu labels this crack, it's really sort of not, given the themes of wishes and what you trade for them that's present in both series. I adored this story because it's got this great balance between all this fantastic imagery and letting it overpower the story (which this fic doesn't do), because even such little things as Yuuko's hair swirling about her underwater or Ursula pressing a hand to her own chest, they just formed beautifully in my mind. The crossover is seamless, the worlds just smoothly fit together in Aishuu's hand and the ending is just absolutely right. I seriously think HOLiC could be crossed with anything in the right author's hands. (No warnings/pairings.)

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