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- Yami no Matsuei - GOGO!Paradise [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - (Click on "Descendents of the Dark" in the right-hand frame and you should be able to figure it out from there.) Wow, that opening image of Kurikara is beautiful! Really. The other illustrations are lovely as well (they're all of Kurikara, if I remember correctly), and the comics are cool. I wish I had a better idea of what's going on, but even just looking at the pretty images is fun. *grin* (*thinks* Little bit yaoi.)

- Fruits Basket/Yami no Matsuei - Destroy Soul [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, my god, this one of the best fan art sites out there! The Furuba and YnM fan arts are fantastic (and so many of the YnM ones! *_*), just... stunning. There aren't a whole lot of Furuba ones, but I honestly couldn't pick a favorite. Kyou looks great, Hatori is hot, and Shigure is just... yum. Akito is still kinda freaky, though. As for YnM, you really just have to see the images to believe them. Though, I must pout muchly that I don't remember seeing any Hisoka images, that and I wasn't all that thrilled with the Tatsumi image. But the stuff with Touda is gorgeous. (No real Furuba pairings, but a lot of Touda/other-hint-y YnM stuff.)

- Yami no Matsuei - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I had to rec this one just for this image because I think I nearly sprained something trying to restrain myself from hugging something cute to death when I saw that little froggy hood on Hisoka. XD XD XD ! This one of Wakaba is really pretty, too. The site kind of melts into the rest of the YnM fan art sites, but given how many pretty YnM sites I've seen by now, that's probably not surprising. Still... lovely, lovely stuff. (A little bit pro-TsuzukixHisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei/Fruits Basket - [ Japanese Fan Art Sites ] - Okay, I can be kind of picky sometimes and really easy to please other times. A lot of it all depends on the whims of my moods or the phase of the moon or what have you. This site... I am not sure about. Not all the art is to my particular cup of tea, but then some of them are just so adorable that I want to glomp them, if such a thing was possible. (The illustration of Kijin on the main page is gorgeous, too.) With the Furuba fan art, the same thing applies... their Yuki looks really off, but I love this one of Hatsuharu. *_* And Ayame! *drools* I also absolutely adore the way Tohru looks in this illustration, too. And be sure to check out the icons page for more cute little fan art. ^_^ (Some TatsumixTsuzuki.)

- Saiyuki/Yami no Matsuei - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Yet another site that I'm browsing through, kinda enjoying, and hit that one image that just makes me go, "*hyuu!* That's so cute!!!" and want to rec the site. Chibi-Hisoka is the cutest little thing and I just utterly adore the colors! XD There's a lot of other cute art scattered throughout the site as well, including some nice Saiyuki stuff as well. (And a really cool Hakkai/Gojyo fan doujin stationary.) Make sure you go through the kiriban section as well, since there's some adorable Saiyuki art in there! XD And, finally, this is just disturbingly cute. I want to hate it, but I can't. >_< (One or two TsuzukixHisoka-friendly images and one TatsumixTsuzuki-friendly image tucked away somewhere, I think.)

- Yami no Matsuei - R-Moon [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, I shouldn't laugh. I really, really shouldn't. But, goddammit, this is funny. Poor Hisoka. *snort* However, neko-Hisoka somehow manages not to be ridiculous and actually really, really cute. (And yum *_*) From those images you can get a sense of the style of these illustrations, which I really rather like. I think my favorite has to be this one which is both gorgeous and creepy. Wow. Finally, not all the illustrations are of Hisoka, I was just struck by those the most. (At least one TsuzukixHisoka image, plus Hisoka-in-a-dress warning.)

- Gravitation/Yami no Matsuei - VEJILIARNO ZAIDAN [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Some of the art on this site is a bit... odd... to say the least, but some of the art is absolutely lovely. The soft pastels used so often are a really cool style here and Shuuichi so often looks absolutely gorgeous. The illustration on the main page is a good example of what I mean, and one of my favorites from this site. (So is the one of Yuki on the main Gravi sub-page.) I kind of tried to ignore the Shuuichi in girl's clothing images and focused more on the pretty art and cutecutecute chibis. ^_^ And also check out the Hisoka room for some adorable Hisoka art.

- Yami no Matsuei/Chobits/Other - Strawberry Garden [ Fan Art Site ] - *shining eyes* A specific series can be a bit hard to find, but I didn't really mind because I found myself clicking through every illustration on the site (even venturing into the originals section because I liked the art so much). The colors are soft and warm and the details are beautiful. The clothes, the eyes, the hair.... *_* I love the hair in these illustrations, it looks so incredibly soft. Chibi Hisoka as well as this one are good examples of what I adore about the art. The soft golden colors of the images very nearly sparkle and the eyes (especially in the second one) are incredible. (And CHII! *hearts!* SO CUTE!) .....I'm running out of synonyms. *hops off to find the dictionary* (No real warnings, yaoi-friendly, but not yaoi-centric.)

- Yami no Matsuei/Gundam Wing/Cardcaptor Sakura - ssj10becky's fanart [ Fan Art Site ] - I was looking for new Yamimatsu fanart this morning and stumbled across this site, which has one of the single most beautiful TsuzukixHisoka illustrations I've ever seen... along with a fantastic Touya/Yukito image. *hearts* (And! She's done fanart for Lilas' writings, which means 1x2xR and 2xR! *whee!*) (1x2xR, 1xR, TouyaxYukito, and TsuzukixHisoka are the main themes/pairings.)

- Harry Potter/Yami no Matsuei - Tasha Wizard World [ Thai Fan Art Site ] - Goodness, the eyes in these illustrations are beautiful. +_+ Occasionally, a few things can be off (especially facial structures and proportions), but the details of the clothes and backgrounds and the gorgeous quality of the eyes (they often seem to glow... I love that) and hair made this a wonderful site for me to browse through. (TsuzukixHisoka, some SiriusxHarry, nothing too terribly graphic.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Star Moon Night [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I fell in love when I saw this image... Hisoka's eyes are gorgeous! I love the almost muted colors, it kind of reminds me of darkly stained glass for some reason. (Which is a great association for me.) And then this one... damn. +_+ And this one of Wakaba is lovely. And before I shut up, there is a beautiful Tsuzuki&Hisoka image in the YnM-only section that has these gorgeous birds on it.... *hyuuuu* Well, there's lots more I wanted to babble about, but it consisted mostly of "WAH! PRETTY!" so I'll refrain. ^_~ (Mildly Tsuzuki+Hisoka, but not so much.)

- Yami no Matsuei/Original - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Dian pointed me towards this site and just... damn. That's an incredible amount of talent. +_+ The colors the artist uses are more of an earth-tone theme and it makes the illustrations lush and gives them... I'm not sure how to describe it. But it's terribly difficult to achieve, much less on this level. The illustration of Touda that's currently on the main page is just drop-dead gorgeous; I cannot say enough good about this site. *hearts* .....and I'm just going to go ahead and rec the artist's original art, too, because it's just that damn pretty. Though, whatever you do, AVOID the comic strip thingie gallery... only pain awaits you there. (No pairings/warnings.)

- Yami no Matsuei - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Words really can't convey why this site was one of my favorites, but I knew from the minute I saw the illustration of Tatsumi and Hisoka (nothing romantic about it, just the two of them in a situation I really would love to know the situation of) that I'd love the site, but it just kept getting better. Hisoka is SO CUTE when he's all uke-ish! The whole site just made me go EEEEEEEEE! with something akin to this expression---> XD XD XD (Some TsuzukixHisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Pool Sied [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - At first the art didn't much impress me on this site, the proportions were off... and then I got to about the half-way point and holy shit there's some gorgeous work here. *drools* There is this absolutely drop-dead gorgeous Watari a ways down that is now one of my favorite Watari fanarts. Hell, all of them look gorgeous (and they all get fairly equal treatment, too), and this is one of those galleries that I couldn't pull myself away from, I had to see every image. +_+ (No pairings/warnings.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Bitter Carrot [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, this artist draws Hisoka looking like he's thirteen years old and does very ecchi fan arts, but I find myself not really minding so much because the colors are pretty and the eyes are really nicely done. Plus, there are some really cute ones like this one and this one. (And this one is niiiiiice. I love ribbons. ^_^) What I like is that the drawings are obviously done with skill, look pretty, and the colors are often bright, but without being gaudy about it. Plus, the TsuzukixHisoka doesn't hurt. ^_^ (TsuzukixHisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - More cute fan art! This Tatsumi/Tsuzuki image is cool! I'm not crazy about a lot of the other stuff in the gallery, but the comics are cuuuuuute! (And vaguely Tatsumi/Watari-ish, too. ^_^v) I wouldn't really recommend clicking through every link on this site, just head straight for those cute little comics--which is pretty easy to figure out how to get to. Well, and the gifts section. *drool* This one of Hisoka is gorgeous! (TatsumixWatari, TsuzukixHisoka, and at least one OriyaxMuraki.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Super Sonic Level [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - There's something just a little off about this style, but the artist can really do CG-style well. I love the way their Tsuzuki looks with long hair! (I think what bothers me the most is that they seem to think Hisoka is a girl. >_< But this one with Muraki in the background makes up for it. Sort of. ^_~) (TsuzukixHisoka-friendly.)

- Yami no Matusei - Keijyu's Room [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Waaah, finally! Pretty Tatsumi fan art! *_* (YnM section here if you can't find it.) This one is lovely and I'm going to not acknowledge the possibility that this one is a pairing illustration and just drool over the loveliness of Tatsumi and Hisoka. *purrrs* (Some Tatsumi/Tsuzuki.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Rose Royal [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, if for nothing else, I had to rec this site for the last two links on this page--Tsuzuki pretty! There's some nifty Muraki, Tatsumi, and Tsuzuki art scattered through the rest of the page, though not a whole lot. Still, what's there is cute. ^_^v (Some TatsumixTsuzuki.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Patisserie [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Not too much art here, but what is here is often very, very pretty. Well, at least the Tatsumi/Tsuzuki stuff--I wasn't all that fond of the Watari/Hisoka illustrations. There's a very noticeable gap in quality, I thought. But anyway. Tatsumi's hot, of course, and Tsuzuki looks really cool. And there were some nice MurakixHisoka ones... well, and one really creepy one. You'll know which one I mean. *g* *ahem* Just... yeah, running out of things to say. They're pretty. Go see. ^_^;; (TatsumixTsuzuki, WatarixHisoka, and MurakixHisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Di-chan was actually the one that found this site, but I had to rec it as well. Aww, such a cute grumpy Hisoka~! Cute grumpy Hisoka and snuggly Tsuzuki~! I love the softer look of the art style and the eyes are lovely. I also really like the Watari illustration that's in the gallery, mmm. ^_^ (TsuzukixHisoka-friendly.)

- Yami no Matsuei - FENSTER [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I know I've seen illustrations from this site before (the one of Tatsumi doing... things... to Tsuzuki I've definitely see before), but I don't remember a lot of the others and I can't find the link in my files, so.... Anyway, there are a few gorgeous illustrations here, there's a particular one of Hisoka among red ribbons and maple (?) leaves with his curse standing out in vivid detail that just takes my breath away with how sad and beautiful it is. There are also some amazing Tsuzuki illustrations that have the most gorgeous details and lovely poses and just... wow. Fantastic site. +_+ (Some yaoi, but very little.)

- Prince of Tennis/Saiyuki/Yami no Matsuei/Peace Maker - W-Grip [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - *bounce*bounce* This site has some wonderful TezukaFuji and OishiEiji, just... the kind that make me go *hanyaaaa~n*. And then there's the CHIBI-TEZUKAFUJI THAT I'M GOING TO SHRIEK OVER BECAUSE IT'S JUST SO GODDAMNED CUTE!!!!! ....sorry. ^_^;; These illustrations are full of nicely subtle colors, soft looks or touches, somehow managing to be wonderfully gay, yet not Supa!Gay, the kind I just adore, the occcasionaly goddamned cute chibis, and, wow do I adore those Hyotei group illustrations. Just... my love for these illustrations cannot be conveyed with mere words, just like my love for TezukaFuji cannot be conveyed with mere words. I cannot shove people at this site fast enough. ^_^

The Saiyuki illustrations are much the same, a lot of them, full of nice colors, good drawing skill, cool poses, and the group illustrations are fantastic--especially the later ones. Just... damn. *_*v

The Yami no Matsuei art I swear I've seen before, but I don't have the URL in my files anywhere, so... erm... this site may get rec'd twice. The Yamimatsu illustrations remind me of some style that I've seen before, but that I can't quite put my finger on, possibly some yaoi manga or something. Anyway, they're pretty good, the artist has a lot of talent for cool-looking poses/designs for them, making them look more like paitings or posters for the series rather than just fanart. Oh! Going through the gallery, I recognize that one of Tsuzuki with the dog as being from a doujinshi, so that's also contributing to why I recognize this style. Anyway, good, solid, fun art here, too. ^_^v

The Peace Maker (It always surprises me when I come across PM fanart, because I assume I'm the only one who's ever heard of it. ^_^;;; ) fanart is quite nice as well, which is wonderful for such a rare series. ....anyway, I'll shut up about this site now. (TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, Sanzo+Gojyo, Sanzo+Hakkai, Gojyo+Hakkai, Tatsumi+Tsuzuki, Muraki+Tsuzuki, other mild shounen ai vibes.)

- Yami no Matsuei - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - As I went through more and more of this gallery, I found myself growing more and more fond of the art--the artist can do some really cool work, doing really pretty things with Hisoka's eyes, with the lines of the Yamimatsu characters' faces, and using some really pretty colors. My two favorites are probably the one of Hisoka in his archer's outfit, with the thing sliding off to show his shoulder and the one of Hisoka and Tsuzuki in... um... not kimono... crap, I'm horrible at remembering the name of Japanese clothing. -_- Also! The gift gallery has some amazing fanart--there's this gorgeous one of Tsuzuki and Suzaku that I just love.... +_+ (Li'l bit Tsuzuki+Hisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site can be a little tough to navigate through, but there's a lot of art here to make it worth the time. This artist can do beautiful drawings of the characters, but... the highlight is really the painfully cute chibi-Hisoka, who's usually getting hugged by someone or crying and being so damned cute you just want to scoop him up and snuggle him. XD Just... the cuteness reduces me to incoherency again. I assume it's all connected to a larger storyline and I really wish I knew enough Japanese to understand what the heck was going on, because it looks adorable. The main gallery has even more chibi-Hisoka that're cute, but it's also got normal-sized-Hisoka as well and some of them are really pretty. Anyway. Blah, blah, blah, despite this rec sucking, you need to see the art here. :P (Some Tsuzuki+Hisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - The cuteness of this artist's illustrations threatens to crush my soul. All sorts of various little chibi-Hisokas all over the page that just... just... just... TOO CUTE! XD XD XD The Christmas ones usually wind up being my favorite, I just can't resist them and I really enjoyed the sketches (which are only slightly chibi and cutecutecute in a different way *_*). The real treat of this site, for me, though, were the comics. Just... so much adorable, cute little chibi-Hisoka!! XD XD XD XD I'm sorry, the cuteness has rendered me completely incoherent. This is a wonderfully heart-warming and charming site because it's just so damned cute. Go see~~ (Li'l bit Tsuzuki+Hisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - DNA+ [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Hmm, how to describe this artist's style...? It's almost gothic, but not quite, more... well, I'm not really sure how to describe it. Like they're paintings almost, rather than fanart, I think. With a lot of artists (or authors who try to write in this style) it comes off as pretentious, but I thought it really worked here. Of course, I might just be a sucker for the Yamimatsu characters with wings, too. ^_~ There's this one of Tsuzuki in black and Hisoka in red where they have wings that's just... fucking gorgeous, the details and colors of it are just amazing. And then there's one of Hisoka and Hijiri where their eyes just seem to glow that's also so very lovely. Ohh! Ohh! PRETTY Subaru illustration! *heart* I highly recommend this site. +_+ (Some Tsuzuki+Hisoka, Hijiri+Hisoka, Muraki+Hisoka, Muraki+Oriya, Watari+Hisoka, and Oriya+Hisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - End Roll [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, I admit that part of this site's charm for me is the Hisoka-centric-ness of it, but it's also partly that I really like the 'concepts' of a lot of the illustrations. The Muraki/Hisoka one is especially my favorite, it's just really cool. I also liked the Tatsumi/Hisoka ones, somehow they just managed to be... what I would think Tatsumi/Hisoka illustrations would be like, and ditto for the Tsuzuki/Hisoka and Watari/Hisoka ones. Plus, a neat Muraki/Oriya one and it makes a really fun, neat site to go through, I thought. (Hisoka-centric, Tszuki/Hisoka, Tatsumi/Hisoka, Watari/Hisoka, etc.)

- Yami no Matsuei - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - This site has some of the most darling sketches of Hisoka with the various YnM characters, my favorites are the ones with Tsuzuki, of course, but there's a lovely little one of Hisoka and Tatsumi that just makes me *hanya~n*. (And only the Tsuzuki/Hisoka ones seem to be romantic in tone.) There's also this lovely, soft looking Hisoka in very light colors, almost pastel that just makes me melt with how adorable he is. *_* Anyway, this is a good, solid site with a lot of cute illustrations that I like a lot. ^_^v And make sure you keep clicking past the thumbnails at the top (which aren't all YnM, btw) of the gallery page, because there are more darling illustrations below. (Some Tsuzuki+Hisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei/Inuyasha/Harukanaru Juku no Nakade - Vitamin X [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - I tend to see a lot of Vitamin X's work whenever I run across doujinshi scans and a lot of times they stick out in my mind because they're so lovely--and I was especially impressed by the Harukanaru illustrations, they're really professional looking! The CG work is really used well here and the colors are outstanding! I also really especially adored the Inuyasha illustrations, the artist does such a wonderful job with them, getting a lot of those wonderful little details into them. Plus! Plus! Tomomasa/Takamichi illustration that made me SO HAPPY. *sparkles madly* Anyway, beautiful, beautiful art here, it's no wonder the artist is a doujinshika, you can tell there's a tremendous level of skill here. (No single pairing theme.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Hi Polymer [ Fan Art Site ] - I admit, I've been slacking on trying to find new Yamimatsu fanart sites to rec, so it was nice to find one again, especially one with such cute art!! XD XD The artist draws these really... warm lines and colors, shading the colors beautifully so they often have that 'gem' quality that I association with Matsushita-sensei's characters. But my favorites were actually the ones that broke my heart--seeing little Tsuzuki holding up some flowers, or Hisoka playing with one of those Victorian dolls, curse marks vivid against his skin... they just... ached to see. Though... the "Because Tsuzuki's a pervert" one also immediately made it to the top of my favorites. *ufufufufu* XD (Some TsuzukixHisoka, some possible HisokaxHijiri.)

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