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- Yami no Matsuei - The Mating Habits of the Species Shinigami by Kouri Arashi - Well. Given my recent renewed interest in Yamimatsu and my constant deep and abiding love for TatsumixWatari, I could hardly pass this one by, now could I? ^_~ I really do adore 003 and it's a hell of a lot of fun to see the story set from her point of view. And, really, that's what I like so much about this story--how much fun it is. I think my favorite moment (so far) has to be in chapter three, Tsuzuki's reaction to stumbling into Watari's lab. That amused me so much. (TatsumixWatari, some with TsuzukixHisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Off Hours, Surrender, and That's Just About Right by silvershadeus -!? I've never rec'd Serildah's stories before?? ....crap. >_< Well. Her stories were some of the first Tatsumi/Watari stories that I ever read and they were the ones that really pulled me onto the idea of the pairing and not just because they were the "leftover" characters. She wove these gorgeous stories, full of small, subtle moments and lovely details and character insights that just made me see these characters interacting the way she wrote them.

"Off Hours" starts off as not much of anything, just subtle hints that could be anything, which fits these characters so well, because they wouldn't just jump head first into a relationship, much as I might wish them to. ^_~ "Surrender" moves them forward in this way that's just... well, dammit, I'm going to have to use the word "perfect" again. Watari's cooking/chemistry comparison and Tatsumi's reaction were priceless, and... *sigh* I'm sorry, I'm going to have to give up here. I'm just too fawning-fangirl to rec these stories properly. Let's just say that these were the stories that did so much to help me believe in Tatsumi/Watari and then on into full-blown obsession over them. ^_^v (TatsumixWatari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Electric Fan by Yen - I'm not sure what it is about this fic that made me like it so much... other than it was one of those simple moments in a Yamimatsu fic that I just love. (I've noticed that I seem to have a weakness for simple things being poignant to the Yamimatsu characters.) Watari's anxiousness was palpable and Tatsumi's irritation and eventual concern/attraction were just... really nicely done. I liked it a lot. (Li'l bit Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Exorcism of Demons by Akasha - Okay, I wasn't very far into this story, but then a particular line caught my attention, The odds of escaping such an experience unscathed were about the same as the odds of Tatsumi voluntarily granting someone a pay raise…if either event took place it would probably herald the coming of the apocalypse. and I just loved that so much. XD Okay, I want to be fair in this rec, so I will mention there are a few things I had problems with--the portrayal of the characters was a little off, like Hisoka calmly giving himself over to Muraki in order to keep everyone else safe. Muraki was also a little too obsessed with Hisoka (much as I would prefer that, he really drops everything else when Tsuzuki is around--though, I'll give a lot of points for the eventual reasoning for it, I could buy a case set on the idea of Muraki using Hisoka as a doll to silence his mother's voice in his head calling him her little doll), Tsuzuki just blurting out the truth about being a Shinigami, Tsuzuki not frying Muraki to a crisp as Muraki taunts him about what he's going to do to Hisoka, etc.

Okay, getting to the reason I'm rec'ing this fic... it has so many other things going for it that it was a good read. The writing is readable and enganging, and it has all these adorable little one/two-liners like the one quoted above. I could probably quote twenty different passages from this fic that made me giggle and are the type that I would use to draw my friends into reading this fic. (You know what I mean by that. ^_^) And the Tatsumi/Watari? Makes my heart melt with the cuteness.

There are also some really interesting character insights woven into the fic, my favorite being about Hisoka: This was one of the things he had discussed with SohRyu: for much of his life he had been a pawn in someone else's game, powerless and utterly dependent on the whims of others. During his stay in GenSou Kai, he had not been searching for power as much as he had subconsciously wanted independence; to break out of his mold and determine his own destiny. For the first time, even in such a small way, he felt that he had done so. Which was freaky in a way, because just a couple of weeks ago (long after this had been written, but well before I had read it) that was exactly what I came to realize about Hisoka while talking in a group chat.

Other random things.... Hisoka all but saw a pair of fox ears prick up on Muraki's head as his curiosity was piqued. Dude. That line had no right to work as well as it did. I love it. XD XD XD

Or: Sitting motionless by his partner's bedside for days on end had certainly not been a pleasant experience for Tsuzuki, but it had at least given him time to think. While he was by no means unintelligent, prolonged introspection was not a pass-time with which Tsuzuki was well acquainted. It had been his experience that when one delved too deeply into one's own psyche, it was quite likely that a miasma of unpleasant memories and unvanquished demons would arise to plague their helpless victim. It was an occupation his partner seemed entirely too prone to, no matter how hard he tried to dissuade Hisoka from following it. I. Loved. That.

Now, before I get any more carried away with this rec (I really am sorry, but it's these stories that I have all these things to say about them that cause me to go on practically endlessly....), there are things I thought could have been better with this story, but that's only because I do think this story had the potential to be great. As it is, I enjoyed reading this story immensely and I loved that it was a nice long, satisfying read. That doesn't happen often enough with Yamimatsu. (TsuzukixHisoka, TatsumixWatari, some graphic content.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Irresistible Force: Immovable Object by Laekin - Oh, this is what I want from TatsumixWatari fic. *cries happily* My beloved pairing here is usually so ignored or pushed into the background or written in a way that I'm not really very fond of, but... I highly approve of Laekin's takes on the characters. ^_~ In all seriousness, the writing is wonderful, the plot intriguing, and the characterizations fantastic. Watari is just... he's so clever that I've just fallen in love with him all over again and the way he interacts with Tatsumi (and Hisoka for a scene) is just... wonderful. And Tatsumi! Oh, I love love Tatsumi here, too. Just... I really, really, really love this series already. */gushing* (TatsumixWatari, some hints of TsuzukixHisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Ending Hours / Shadows of Ourselves / Walking Wounded by Amet - Sometimes I think I'm too picky with fics, but... well, hell, that's what a recs page is all about, isn't it? ^_~ So let me get the problems I had with this fic out of the way first--there are two things that kept me from loving this story with all of my heart. The first is the overwhelming Blair Sandburg-ness of Watari's character--I got the science geek vibe, but not enough of the good-hearted mad scientist vibe, you know? Second was that some of the paragraphs were so long and flowery that I had to keep stopping to back up and reread. But, then, I tend to lean a bit towards the minimalist side of the fence when it comes to prose. That long prose can also interfere with the point that the story is trying to make--when Watari made a verbal slip and Hisoka's feelings were hurt by it, it took me a minute to realize that anything had really changed. Though, things get moving really nicely once the characters start talking again.

That said, I really, really like these stories--in a time when I'm not reading much YnM fic, I'm actually interested in reading these stories all of the way through. I love the slow build the story is taking, doing everything justice, really getting you into the storyline and I love that Tatsumi and Watari have a healthy role in it. I love that there're hints of TatsumixWatari, too. XD The prose itself, while long, is very lovely, invoking the feel of Yami no Matsuei with the dark beauty of the descriptions. (....that sounds so cliche when I put it like that. >_>) The basic characterizations of the characters is solid--I find myself especially liking Hisoka and actually really believe the way he's reacting, the slightly lost feelings he's going through making him quiet and subdued for now, but on his way to the cranky little pretty boy we all know and love. ^_~

The story has some great lines in it, just enough humor to make me smile and sparkle at the fic, but not so much that it's not still a dramatic, serious story. The plot is solid and, as I mentioned, the author is taking her time with it, not dragging it out, but really building it up, and that's not something enough authors can do these days. So... very nice writing and it's so got that... sparkle that I need in fics to keep my attention. (TsuzukixHisoka, mild hints of Tatsumi+Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Irristetible Force: Immovable Object by Laekin - I admit, there are a few things I had trouble with in this story. The random Japanese (especially "baka" when "idiot" would have done just as well, or "arigatou" when "thank you" would have been just fine, etc.) and the revolving nicknames (I was rather jarred when Tsuzuki called Watari "'Taka" or even Tatsumi being friendly enough, with someone he's known for twenty years, to call him "Yutaka"), but... that all flies out of the window when I read something like this: A mother/child dynamic was the closest thing to an Achilles heel that Tatsumi had. It defined everything about the man. Tatsumi's reserved nature, his almost fanatical obsession with money and providing for those in his care, his lamentable habit of wanting to mother those close to him, all of it stemmed from the dysfunctional relationship he'd had with his own mother. woven so beautifully, perfectly into the prose.

Laekin's characters sparkle, the way they interact and get on each other's nerves in the way only they can, the way it's good for them, that each of them can ruffle the other's feathers, when most people can't phase them at all. What drew me into the takes on the characters so quickly was that not only is the writing itself lovely and readable, not only do I highly approve of the characterizations, but the lines are clever. It's not just good characterization in terms of whether or not I think the characters would react the way they do, it's that they have that sparkle to them that's present in the original text itself. And, you know, it's about time that Tatsumi and Watari had a story about them that was this in-depth, rather than just being the background for a Tsuzuki/Hisoka fic. XD (Tatsumi+Watari, some TsuzukixHisoka hints.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Eien by Murasaki - I have recently been feeling a resurging interest in Yamimatsu, especially Tatsumi and Watari, because I fell so very hard for those two. What I adore about Murasaki's writing, other than that, you know, she's really good XD, is that she puts all these little details into the writing that help to enhance the fic, that make this lovely picture spring to mind, even in such a short little story. She also does wonderful characterizations, those little subtlties that these characters demand... and I'm rambling. Just go read. *sparkles* (Some slight shounen ai, mostly Tatsumi+Watari, no more than what you'd see in the manga itself.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Worth by Loki's Rose - I remember seeing this mentioned recently, so I saved it to read later and randomly clicked on it again this morning and... just... *melts with a fangirlish squeak* Ohhh, this was perfect for this morning, gently shounen ai, but enough to actually scratch my itch for TatsumixWatari. What I adored about this story was that it was just the right everything--just the right length, just the right tone, just the right amount of details, just the right, gorgeous characterizations. It was a wonderful fic and I absolutely adored the way it played out. *happy, happy sigh* (TatsumixWatari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - untitled? by silvershadeus - Eeeee! *glomps onto silvershadeus* She who is my favorite Tatsumi x Watari author has posted more fic! And... this was one of those that was just perfect and came along at just the right time to make me a happy TatsumixWatari fangirl. What I loved about it was this sense of... elegance to the characters and the way they interacted with each other. The sense of soft shounen ai-ness (which is the best way I can think to describe it) and yet still satisfying because they're together and it's not just hinting. (Don't get me wrong, I love hinty stories, but sometimes I need them to actually get there.) This is combined with some wonderful characterization and insights into both the characters and the kind of relationship they would have with each other and... wow, this rec sucks. Go read the fic, though, it's short and it made Becky a haaaaappy fangirl. *sparkles* (TatsumixWatari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Ghost Ship by Laekin - (Note: I read this off one of the Yahoo!Groups MLs, and it's not up on Phantom Moon yet, but I'm sure it will be eventually. When it is, you should be able to find it from that link. ^_^;; ) Oh, this was perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I had the stupidest grin on my face the entire time, because this was so damn much fun. XD I absolutely adore Laekin's take on my beloved Tatsumi and Watari, I cannot sparkle madly enough over the way she writes the characterizations (my only complaint would be that she uses nicknames and first times a little too often for characters who've had at least twenty years to call each other Tatsumi-san and Watari-san, but I had absolutely no complaints here *sparkles more*), and the writing itself was gorgeously smooth and readable. The entire situation was just effing fun, you could tell the author had a blast writing it, and it was just a joy to read. The last page or so of the fic just had me sparkling like mad and there are no words to describe how happy it makes me that such a talented author is writing for these two characters. (Some light Tatsumi+Watari vibes.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Immortality by Yasmin M - I was a little wary of this fic at first, because the summary read This was written during Marriage Protection Week, upon thinking about certain arguments against same-sex marriage and prejudices thereof. and, honestly, I've had my fill of stories about a gay couple facing prejudice. Oh, I know it happens, but I've had enough of it in fic, thanks. However. I read anyway, because I am a Tatari h0. And I was very pleasantly surprised to discover it wasn't so much about that they were gay, but more that they were immortal. The writing was lovely, a small thing that didn't need to be any longer than it was to tell it's story, and it made this Tatari fangirl just... fluttery to read it, because I do so love it when my Shinigami are written so wonderfully. (TatsumixWatari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Safe to Go by Honooko - Oh. I adored this. It hurt in some ways, especially seeing Watari's loneliness through 003's eyes, but it was also really a story about hope and moving on and healing a little bit. The writing is very nice, plus, it's a story that really WORKS through 003's perspective, the narration doesn't feel awkward or stiff at all for that. I also liked the way the author touched on the way 003 got the name, without making too big a point about it, the way there were just enough details to move the writing along, and it was just... my Watari (and Tatari) fangirl is happy this morning. <3 (Some very light Tatsumi/Watari, not really the point.)

- Yami no Matsuei Calculated Risks by Serilda - Serilda is one of those authors who can always make me come running with her Yamimatsu fic, especially when she writes Tatsumi/Watari. And I adore her takes on the characters, the way Watari pushes things, just a little, but never so much that Tatsumi would run away, emotional retard that he is. (He is. I love him, but, oh, how he is.) The writing is lovely, the dialogue sparkling, the way the two of them interact is wonderful, and I loved the ending. It was just... right. ....horrible rec, you go read the cute Tatari fic now. >F (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - How to change the atmosphere of your chess club in five easy steps by weirdquark - Five drabbles based around the concept of Tatsumi and Watari playing strip chess--which could have sent me running for the hills (Tatsumi? Strip chess? Of his own volition?) and yet was so subtly written, the quiet UST between him and Watari, the smooth, clean writing, the little details of fingers on chess pieces or bits of clothing being stripped away... it was lovely and the way the author chose to start each drabble with the same line REALLY worked for me. Totally gave me my Tatari fix this morning. *hums happily* (Light Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Sugar by RosaleenDhu - I will grant two things before I get into why I'm squeeing so much over this fic. The writing is in need of a little polishing and the situation is a little forced. But you know what? I don't care because it wasn't too far over the line and this fic had something I've been pining for--an honest to god good kiss. Not just a quick peck before hopping straight to the sex, but the kind of kiss that makes your knees weak and your head spin. The kind of kiss that you can very nearly feel rather than just picturing it in your head. And some very nice sexual tension between Tatsumi and Watari and just... *fans self* this is what I wanted, so I went really fangirly over it. A genuinely hot kiss. *___* (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Sentimental by Cairnsy - I feel like I should have read this story before, but reading it earlier, I know I would have remembered if I'd seen this one before, because it is exactly what I want out of these two. It beautifully gets at the differences between the two, one of the things that would drive them crazy when trying to be in a relationship together, yet without nearly tearing them apart over it, instead finding a way to give them a new connection. The writing is gorgeous, the quiet power and emotion of the piece (especially the end) were lovely, and there's this depth to the story that continues to make me float happily around the room. It's hard to explain it, it's just a feeling I associate with these two characters and this story nailed it right on the head. I'm putting this one in the 'must read' catagory. *__* (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - A look; just one? by mei - The writing of this is a little weak, but I forgive the story because it got the idea of the characters very right, because I could see Watari thinking/doing these things. It's also Tatari that doesn't suck and god knows not enough of these two around. I also liked the ending and it was a nice little read, so. Onto the recs pages it goes. XD (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - The Incident with the Owl by Asidian - How could I have never read this fic before? I know I've read at least one of Asidian's stories, but I missed the one with the Tatari hints? SHAME on me! Which makes me glad I've been going back through old files again to find some of the Yamimatsu fics I'd never read or rec'd, because this fic was just so much fun. I have great, great love for stories that can do Watari's character justice, that can balance the mad scientiest, the cheerful friend, and the surprisingly intelligent person all wrapped up underneath all that blonde hair and this story was very nice for that. But it's also that it got a genuine sense of humor to the writing as they tried to figure out just what the hell was making everyone act so weird (When Watari figures it out and goes to test his theory on Tsuzuki and Hisoka? GENIUS. Especially the final line, I LOVED THAT.) and every time Tatsumi and Watari would have a conversation... I fluttered because it was the sparkling, non-cliche, charming dynamic that I'd fallen in love with. Plus, 003 being so cute and an ending that made me utterly squee and cute/funny Yamimatsu cast antics, how could you possibly go wrong with any of that? ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari, Tsuzuki/Hisoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Something like Chemistry by Chained Dove - HI. I WOULD LIKE MORE OF THIS ONE NOW, PLZ. RIGHT NOW. KTHXBAI. It seems like it's the first part of a longer story and the author seems talented enough to really do these characters justice--Watari's characterization is lovely, he's not just the spastic mad scientist slash sort of doctor character, there's an actual personality here. And Tatsumi isn't just a walking cliche either, nor is their dynamic; when Tatsumi is talking to Watari and is vaguely suspicious of him, I could have sparkled like mad because they were both so... themselves. There was a real depth and edge to the characters that I don't get nearly enough. Also? Watari randomly talking to 003, seeming to actually understand the hootings and chirps, but you're never really sure if 003 can actually communicate or if Watari is just a little off-kilter? LOVED THAT. That Watari was running the betting pool for when Tsuzuki and Hisoka would get together, won, and it didn't come off as painfully cliche, instead it was funny and I could actually believe it? LOVED THAT. Tatsumi noticing that everyone around him was going a little nuts, that Watari wasn't being as obnoxious as usual, trying to have a conversation with him and it goes the usual way a conversation with Watari does when he doesn't want to give anything away? LOVED THAT. So many elements of this story could have been cliche, but... somehow I wound up just adoring this and looking forward to more. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Breaking Tradition by Serilda - And then they turned to see him hovering just inside the doorway, empty mug of tea in hand and not liking the looks they were giving him at all. Things tended to happen when the two of them teamed up. Things that put anything the combined forces of Watari and Tsuzuki were capable of to shame. *shrieks incoherently* OMG, I LOVED THIS. Watari. Wakaba. Cohorting together. Not in evil ways, which JUST MAKES IT THAT MUCH GREATER. Not that the story is about that, but, dear lord, I loved the hints of Watari and Wakaba interaction in this one. But also? I am in love with Serilda's Tatari fic--she was the one who turned me on to the pairing as more than a leftover pairing in the first place and I still am reduced to a puddle of fangirl mush by her writing to this day. This is one of those stories that I'd only trust a really good writer with--the concept of misdirection that you KNOW is misdirection, Watari being handed a bag for "what comes later, after dinner" and going, "Oh! I always forget about that!", because so, so often it feels painfully forced, but here? I bought it, right down to Tatsumi's, "....I see." reaction that I could just hear. What I loved is that not only did it get me to buy a scenario that I won't spoil (but will instead say that I found it screamingly hilarious <3<3<3), but it was also sparkling characterization for both Tatsumi and Watari. So sharply in focus on both characters and the way they interacted that I just... I flail with love. Adored this. (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - The Joys of Motherhood by Tammaiya - Heeheehee. Watari, gender-changing potion, massive confusion in the Meifu, Tatsumi strangling him, and poor, poor confused Tsuzuki. Beautifully hysterical use of the above elements to make a fic that could have been rather flat and not that funny into something that had me cackling the entire way through it. It's just... the little things like Watari's evil little smile or Tatsumi baiting, Tatsumi actually attempting to strangle the life out of Watari, Tsuzuki just trying not to get caught in the crossfire, girl!Terazuma and boy!Wakaba, the cute Tsusoka, to... just... the beautiful ending that was so absolutely perfect for these characters. It really is a wonder they haven't all strangled Watari yet. But that's what I loved about this story, that it was the sort of madcap humor that I could believe and just see with these characters. ♥ (Some Tsuzuki/Hisoka, hints of Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Musical Chairs by Tammaiya - How, how I missed that she'd written Yamimatsu fic, much less fic with Tatari in it, I will never know. The author had done some really funny 30-second summaries, I realized I hadn't read the Yamimatsu ones, promptly zoomed off to read and then sparkled like hell, because... eeeeee! Get Tatsumi Drunk Party! That's just so brilliantly Watari, especially right down to the narrative, that was that beautiful mix between brilliance, something serious, and completely mad-scientist!insanity that Watari has--this story was worth it for the Watari narration alone, then adding in the genius insanity of Muraki crashing the party, Tatsumi's reluctance to get involved with any of this mess, MUSICAL CHAIRS, Watari cheating, and a lovely, lovely end. Oh, man, why can't there be more fic like this in the fandom? ♥ (Tatari, Tsusoka.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Celebrations by Cairnsy - *shimmers* More Tatari fic! Eeeee! And this was a fabulous little piece that I loved because it hit the right tone for me--it wasn't too manic for the characters, neither Tatsumi nor Watari were chariactures of themselves, but they also still kept that spark that makes them them. Watari plopping himself down to celebrate his "deathday" (And Tatsumi's response to that. XD) were great and just... there were so many little touches that I really loved. The moment of seriousness is brilliant because it was done in such a Watari way, again, not too over the top, which is easy to do with his character. Then, finishing off the piece with the bit about the fork and the lovely Tatari-friendly ending... well, yes. I'll be over here squeaking and flapping my arms in the usual way. ^_~ (Hints of Tatari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Paper Cuts by Cairnsy - *long, happy sigh* Oh, Tatsumi/Watari, I've missed this pairing so much. Especially when it's written like this, so insightful and sharp, the way Watari thinks over Tatsumi, their relationship, Tatsumi's relationship with Tsuzuki, why they're different, whether that's good or bad. And by halfway through this fic, I was completely wrapped up in the fic, the way Watari is so smart and why that makes him (in my opinion) so damned good for Tatsumi, but it also makes things difficult because of the kind of person Tatsumi is, it's the kind of fic that I desperately wish I could write myself, because it illuminates so much of what's going on with this pairing, these characters, yet without making it feel like a cut and dry essay. The Watari characterization is just... brilliant, even as he finds himself half-wishing that he had an angsty past like Tsuzuki's to catch Tatsumi's attention with, which seems like it should be callous and shallow, but instead, with the author's talent, is so brilliantly, perfectly Watari. He's not perfect, he's not always so sure, he's so very human here, and that just makes this all the more fascinating. Plus, OMG, how much did I love the scene at the end with the paper cut? SO. MUCH. LOVE. I could read these two forever like this. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Healing by AngstnoKami - Ahhh, Tatari fic, how there is nowhere near enough of it in the universe! And this one was really quite nice, it had some very well-done subtleness to it, didn't go overboard with the angst while still making it ouchy to read because Tatsumi's an emotional idiot and Watari sort of knows it, but they're not hopeless, and there were some really cute lines in this. The light not-quite-banter between them as Watari does his doctorly duties was just... it was just right for them. I'm happy. <3 (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Green Thumb by Serilda - Oh, how I love Serilda's Tatari, she is the queen of Tatari fic, I am convinced~ And I love that an idea that could have been so... well, flat, somehow turns out just wonderful with her writing, the way they talk of bonsai trees and they know they're not really talking about bonsai trees, but it works. Because Watari knows Tatsumi so well, because everything has a point here, because there are so many lines I wanted to quote as being just so perfect for both the story and the pairing. What I love, love about this story is that it didn't stick too hard to the talk of bonsai trees, that there was an added edge of realism in that Watari will only go so far to pretend to be talking about something else, but not so far that Tatsumi would walk out of the room. Which is an odd thing to focus on, I suppose, but somehow... it make it sparkle even more for me. Plus, I mentioned that the whole talk of bonsai trees was fabulous? Okay then. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - line meme by Serilda - Originally, it was a line meme, but I am thrilled that Serilda went beyond that to write actual shortfics because she is the queen of Tatari. Especially when she writes the fabulous, fabulous OT3 of Tatsumi + Watari + Explosions. The first one? So many different kinds of brilliant, I really can't even say, just... I crack up thinking about Tatsumi's reaction and Hisoka's reaction to Tatsumi's reaction and then there's the second one that's just so damn cute and fun and then you scroll down a little further and AHAHAHAHAHA, OMG, TATSUMI, I LOVE YOU. ♥ Really, these were awesome. (Tatsumi/Watari/Explosions.)

- Yami no Matsuei - The Life Domestic by Serilda - *squees* Oh, I never, ever get tired of Serilda's Tatsumi/Watari fic because she takes these ideas, no matter what they are, and makes them just perfect for the characters, what with all these little touches. Watari and psuedo-philosophy is somehow so perfect in her hands, the way he muses about certain things on a late night and there's a hint of bittersweetness (this is Yami no Matsuei after all), but it's not cloying or overwhelming. I... am doing a terrible job at explaining why this fic makes me flail. But it's difficult because it's not one outstanding line (though, Watari's art skills certainly made me go ♥), it's that each moment felt like the characters I know, there's a sense to them that I associate with the manga itself, one that's always there throughout the entire fic, even when it's something so simple as Tatsumi drinking from his mug. So much love for this fic. *shimmers* (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Metaphor by Elihice - How could I not love a fic that contains the line Watari was wearing a particular expression that the shinigami personally called “flash of inspiration” but the rest of the office had dubbed as “don’t let him touch your coffee”.? I had to love it, naturally. Really, the whole thing is full of these little touches, from Tatsumi doing paperwork to the way Watari just launches into a discussion without any proper manners to the pitch-perfect ending. But more than that, Elihice manages to capture the particular dynamic between these two characters that is utterly them to me, the way they behave around each other, the way they talk, both in motivation and speech patterns (Watari's use of metaphor was just fabulous here) and this is why I'm such a Tatsumi/Watari fangirl. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Masquerade by Serilda - *sporfles* God, how much do I love Watari? So, so much really. Because, for all that there may or may not be a method to his madness, he is still completely insane in that way that just sort of makes you stop and stare. Plus, I love it when Tatsumi is usually the one just sort of going, "....." at him in Serilda's fics because she gets that dynamic down so well and it just amuses the hell out of me. And, yeah, I totally went ♥ over the ending, too. *beams* (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Growing Pains by Serilda - And then Serilda goes and takes a completely wacky, off-the-wall situation and manages to slide right into something slightly more serious--while still maintaining how absolutely weird Watari is--that gets at the heart of the issues between them. Reading this... my heart just flips over for Tatsumi, because it's so hard for him to let go, even with Watari right there beside him, but it's beautifully done. I mean, who else could have Tatsumi having a mini-emotional retardation/breakdown/whatever while holding Watari's... um... special props? And have it hit all the right notes? Because that's the genius of this fic, that the emotional parts were genuinely touching and what needed to happen/needed to be said... and, yet, there's still the whole aspect of remembering that they're dressed up in costumes (from the previous fic) and it all balances out perfectly. Just... zomg, love. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Epilogue by Serilda - *happy sigh* Oh, god, Serilda just... after reading Yamimatsu fic recently, I wanted Tatsumi/Watari fic so badly and no one, no one makes me sigh happily and feel just right like the way Serilda writes them. Especially when she's being so deft in her writing, the way Watari is Watari and Tatsumi is Tatsumi and this is Yamimatsu, with moments of humor to finally break the bleak tension that seems to permeate the atmosphere when you sit still for just a moment too long. What I mean is that, Yamimatsu can get to be a little dark at times, but it can easily be pretentious, but here... here, Watari's mood was so perfectly done, just brilliantly described because I felt it right along with Tatsumi. It was a brilliant use of the theme as well, like I wouldn't even have realize it was a theme, that's how utterly perfect it was. Then you also add in that the interaction between Tatsumi and Watari was just pitch-perfect, the way they can get under each other's skin, the way that they sometimes don't, and the way you just pick up on everything rather than having to be told. I adored this so much. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Doctor's Orders by Serilda - I was browsing back through Serilda's previous posts and realized, oh my god!, I'd missed this one! Shame on me! So, of course, I immediately read it and immediately melted into a puddle of goo because, yes, that's what I want. Watari being so delightfully himself, being surprisingly good at being their medical doctor while still being so... Watari. The way he interacts with Terazuma during a doctor's visit is just so... hee, perfect. And then the easy way Tatsumi and Watari have here, without it being forced, the way everything is so natural is something I will never stop sparkling over. I adore this because, even when it's light and easy, there's still all these layers to even a simple look or a simple, sly comment. Which... yes, that's my Tatsumi/Watari button right there. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Aftereffects by Serilda - One of the things I adore about Serilda's writing is that she has so many little moments of amusement or details of characterization (like Tatsumi waking up with a hangover and no memory of the night before and still sounding eloquent and composed, even if he's completely clueless or Watari's simultaneous excitement/horror that, no, it wasn't a dream, which says so much about him right there XD) that I always seem to end up with a smile on my face after reading one of her stories. <3 (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Drift by Serilda - Oh, now this hits me even harder because this is how I imagine the Tatsumi/Watari relationship would go, that nothing would change except that now Watari is being deliberate about it instead of chance, that Tatsumi would not notice it until it all came crashing down on his head and the author uses light touches with the imagery of glaciers and natural disasters of typhoons or hurricanes and the whole thing has this lovely almost lyrical quality to it, something so terribly insightful to the relationship and I think this may be one of my favorites of Serilda's yet. And, shush, I like my super-run-on sentences, they're used as atmosphere to get across my squeeing state. ....shut up. Anyway. The characterization and insights and lovely imagery all go hand in hand (in hand) together here, both of them being such interesting, depthful characters and together... they're perfect like this. (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Combat Zone by Serilda - Oh, Watari. How I love him and his batshit insane genius and evil, evil powers. I love that he can wreak utter havoc without even showing up in the first half of the fic and it's still insanely clever and amusing and I actually feel badly for Tatsumi to be at his wrath. It's one of those story ideas where the execution could have fallen flat or just been utterly cliche, but somehow Serilda makes the entire thing sparkle, from Tatsumi's conversations with the other workers in the office (and their reactions as well ♥) to the ending and just why Watari is doing this. It's just... so sweet and clever and fun and sparkly and puts me right back into OTP mode. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Sweetest Thing by Serilda - There were many little moments that nudged me towards love with this fic. Tatsumi and Watari in Hisoka's kitchen and noticing Tsuzuki's little touches here and there. Tatsumi noticing that particular look in Watari's eyes, even as Tatsumi still has a hangover and just wants to put his head down on the table and not hear any sordid details about the previous night and they're so perfect together. But it was this line that had me snorting/giggling aloud and I was officially sold: Watari sighed and leaned back in his chair, watching Tatsumi thoughtfully. "You're kind of a giggly drunk." He said, completely serious. "I honestly wasn't expecting that." It shouldn't have worked. It's just. It's just. I can totally imagine Watari saying that with a completely serious expression. *giggles* And I really did adore the conversation with Watari being weird and distracting and Tatsumi not falling for it and the way the fic ended. I'm going to be sad when the 30_kisses fics from Serilda end. *pout* (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - The Face of a Sleeping Shinigami by Xandria - I think what I liked most about this fic (other than that it was Tatsumi/Watari and the pairing doesn't get nearly enough fic ^_~) is the way the imagery conjured up some very pretty pictures in my head that were perfectly happy to keep strolling along, without me having to exert a lot of effort. Maybe that's a strange thing to like about a fic, but I find I often enjoy fics that put images in my head, get my inner fangirl to conjure up even more pretty images. Plus, well, yes, I liked the descriptions especially because I do happen to find Tatsumi very attractive. XD (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Higher Law by Serilda - I loved this fic so much for both the things it contained, the lovely way the humorous aspects and the serious aspects were balanced together. Serilda does a terrific job of making these batshit situations actually work in the way she intends them to, rather than coming out flat or cliche like they might have with another author. And, god, her Hisoka is hysterical in this fic, even when he's not saying more than a few words and mostly got his nose buried in a book while Tatsumi and Terazuma are kind of retarded around him. And, oh, god, was Terazuma's plight beautifully funny in this fic and Tatsumi's long-suffering reactions to the insanity around him, and then she went and wrote Tatsumi/Watari interaction at the end that was alternately sweet, touching, amusing, and... gorgeously intimate without having to be graphic. I am very happy. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Late Fees by Serilda - Okay. Keep in mind that Tatsumi/Watari is my pairing of choice and I'm prone to the squee. Because I'm not usually this fan-geeky. But it's been a little while since I read fic for them and it's Serilda's writing, which means I was rather rolling around and squeeing by the end of this. It's kind of sad how close to literally I meant that. But it's just... it's not even romantic so much as it is Watari being weird and insane and cute and Tatsumi being long-suffering and somehow very patient even while you kind of suspect he's either ready to boot Watari into the hands of the beasts or maybe kinda laughing at him. Plus, the use of the prompt was really lovely and I enjoyed this story so much. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari, though, it's closer to gen.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Could Be Worse by Chained Dove - Tatsumi/Watari fic! Where Tatsumi calls him Watari-san and Watari is a batshit insane brilliant mad scientist and Tatsumi is the epitome of put-upon dignified long-suffering and they're lovely together. The chemistry between the characters, the way the author writes them is just fun, the kind that's a little off-the-wall and delightful, but in that way that fits well with the characters I saw in the series. Tatsumi's threat at the end was great and Watari... well, when the fic contains a posessed toaster of Watari's, how can you not laugh? ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - The Definition of Insanity by Chained Dove - It comes as no great confession for me to say that I like Tatsumi/Watari. I seek it out, I've read a lot of it in the fandom. There is something about that pairing that attracts me stronger than anything in the series, something that truly makes it an unbreakable OTP for me. Whatever that something is, it pulls me in here. The way Watari understands Tatsumi so much more than he's comfortable with, the way Watari loves him even as he understands Tatsumi's feelings. The way Tatsumi is angry and irritated when Watari seemingly oversteps those bounds. It fits well with the issues I see in the characters and I just... enjoyed this fic. It was a nice, good read. (Tatsumi/Watari.)

- Yami no Matsuei - Cutting Edge by Serilda - Omg, squee. The image of Watari getting involved with Halloween and what he was making in this fic were just so damn squee-worthy without being too cutesy. That's what I like about Serilda's take on the couple (and why she'll always been queen of the pairing), that I can just see these events, I giggle or grin like an idiot the entire way through, and it's not too over the top. Instead it's cute and clever and, god, I can't write a decent rec of this one without spoiling it. Just. Watari is Watari and Tatsumi is Tatsumi and it was Halloween fic and I adored it. ♥ (Tatsumi/Watari.)

Yami no Matsuei: Forgot About Something, Did We? by fayriefox - It's been ages since I read any Yamimatsu fic and I was journal hopping on IJ when I stumbled over this one. It's a cute little fic about Watari finally achieving his gender changing potion and how he kind of terrifies the rest of Meifu with it and yet they still can't help being nosey about it at the same time. It was a nice, light little read that was a fun explanation for why Watari was so obsessed with it and amusing for the ending bit. XD (Implied Tatsumi/Watari.)

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