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- Yoroiden Samurai Troopers - Socks [ Fanfiction Author ] - So as I was talking to Socks, she mentioned she'd been working on her website again recently, including putting her fanfiction up, which got me to thinking that, you know, I'd never really rec'd much (....okay, any....) YST fic before, and that I should probably remedy that. (As I've long been meaning to go through to rec what I've read and loved before I started the recs page. There're a lot of fics out there that I just loved to tiny little pieces that aren't listed here because I read them way before I started this page. Anyway.) Socks is the one that dragged me into the YST fandom, kicking and screaming, and ignited the passion I hate for Seiji and Touma. Wow, did I obsess over those two and that series. In some ways, I still miss what I had with it. And it was allllll~ Socks' fault. ^_~ She wrote some of my absolute favorite YST fics, wrote Seiji and Touma in a way quite similar to how I saw them and made them sparkle. (She also wrote these hysterically funny Mazoku at the Movies parodies that I still love.) Just... yeah, I think Socks has to be, hands down, my favorite YST fic author, one of the few ones that kept me sane in the chaos that was that fandom. So. Go read everything she wrote. *nods* (Seiji/Touma.)

- Yoroiden Samurai Troopers - 101001 by RubyD - Have I never rec'd this story, either? Shame on me. I loved this fic so very much--and, normally, I hated Matrix fusions. They were just never done with that cool, smooth, slick style The Matrix had... but this one was. I really believed it, I loved the characterizations, it was so... refreshing to find an author who could write in such a sparkling way with these characters. And I loved the vague hints of shounen ai that you could see if you looked closely enough. If I thought I had a chance in hell of getting her to finish it, I'd kidnap the author, tie her to a chair, and cuff her to her keyboard while YST episodes played in the background. ^_~ (No real warnings.)

- Yoroiden Samurai Troopers - Fallen Angel by Shana - This is another one of those ultra-rare YST fics that I whole-heartedly enjoyed; such lovely, lovely writing and playing so beautifully on the angst of the events of Gaiden. You see, in the YST fandom, you could tell that the majority of the writers were working off the Ronin Warriors dub, that they had very, very little connection with the Japanese series that I loved so much, even if they used the YST names. And that lack of connection came through with almost every author I'd ever read, even when there weren't really any details needed. (Like, say, if a story took place in the Youjakai.) But with Shana's story, I got that feeling, that hint of elegance that I adore so much. But my favorite thing... Touma was Touma. Not some girl with a dick, but a strong, competant, male Trooper. Seiji, while having his emotional problems, wasn't a weepy little girl, he was just at a very difficult point in his life, but still, you know, a guy. I could just... as I said to Di-chan, I could cry with how much I love her Touma. (Touma/Seiji.)

- Yoroiden Samurai Troopers - Night of the Leonids by idiosyn - One of the best things about uploading YST episodes for people is that I've gotten to know that several of them are fans of the show that I had no idea we had in common! And then when idiosyn goes and writes fic with Seiji and Touma? Even better, because, damn, do I love those boys. I adored this fic, too, because it's got Touma's geeky enthusiasm for astronomy and Seiji's patient impatience and lovely writing that actually made me feel the cold, crisp night air and picture all these lovely shades of blue during the night. Which is something I love, being able to just picture a scene without having to try, along with lovely characterization and little touches with their yoroi and just... eee! Touma! And Seiji! My OTP fangirl heart sings, yes. (Not Seiji/Touma, but not not Seiji/Touma.)

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