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- Yu-Gi-Oh/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Hikaru no Go/Naruto - Spring Villa [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Oh, no, no, nononononoooo! Not Yu-Gi-Oh! But... but... but.... *sigh* They're so freaking pretty. I still don't get the show, but, damn, this art is pretty. Gorgeous colors and gorgeous details and great poses and fantastic drawings and *cries* I can't believe I caved on a Yu-Gi-Oh site! (No offense to the show, I haven't watched enough to scorn, but I don't even watch it, and yet I'm finding fanart. >_<) The Lord of the Rings was much easier to take, even if it was Aragorn/Boromir. ^_~ There was a beautiful Legolas to distract me, though. ^_~

The Harry Potter fanart is adorable and gorgeously detailed; Harry and Ron look so cute! There are also two beautiful ones of Draco and Snape that impressed the heck out of even me. And then the real reason I love this site.... ^_~ Hikaru no Go and Naruto art! Okay, I admit, the Hikago fanart kinda freaks me out, but I doubt anyone could see Ogata in a pink female nurse's uniform, standing over Touya and not be at least a little twigged. ^_~ The Akira illustrations are adorable, though. ^_^v And, of course, the Naruto illustrations are wonderful--there is a gorgeous Kakashi-sensei illustration that is offcially my favorite Naruto fanart. *heartheartheart* (Lots of yaoi, mostly Boromir/Aragorn, Harry/Ron, Touya-sense/Ogata, and Akira/Hikaru.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh - Dig a Grave [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, seriously? Yu-Gi-Oh? Again? This is what happens when you can't resist clicking on a pretty banner. =_= Anyway, this is one of those sites that's the reason I click on banners for series I've never watched and don't normally care about--the art is really, really good, really capturing the Yu-Gi-Oh style and makes it fun for someone like me to go through the gallery. The most recent one of Yugi and Yami (I think. And when I visited the site.) is just wonderful, the level of details amazing. Anyway, great site, wonderful art, I was really impressed. (No real warnings.)

- - Yu-Gi-Oh - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - And one site leads to another... and I was just starting to browse the gallery, thinking, "Hmm, yeah, those are very pretty, oh, I like the colors, that's some nice drawing...." and then I hit the one with Yugi and the dragon and went *___* and fell in love. My favorite thing about this artist is the subtle color shading, it's very, very pretty, the colors they use for various details all blending wonderfully together. And then when they do a more complex image.... *___* Wow. And I'm not really describing the style very well, just go see, 'cause they're so pretty. *fawns* (Some Yami/Yugi? Li'l big Kaiba/Yugi? Assuming I'm getting the characters right?)

- Yu-Gi-Oh - Single Twin [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - You know, last time I made the rounds for Yu-Gi-Oh fanart, I don't remember there being this many talented artists in the fandom. Maybe I just have better luck the second time through something. (I did the same with Scryed.) Anyway, the CG style of this artist is beautiful, and there's just a jaw-droppingly gorgeous one of Yami (I think...? I really don't know the characters.) in that Pharoh outfit that I can't seem to stop staring at. The colors are just soft enough to be pretty, the lines delicate and finding a beautiful blend between shoujo and shounen, and the soft almost glow to it has entranced me. *_* Anyway, the art here is cute, pretty, and a lot of fun to go through, and I really like the lighter colors the artist uses--and there are some illustrations where the characters' hair is just... so soft-looking... and I'm totally fawning now, aren't I? ._. (Also, make sure to wander all over the site, there's art tucked into a lot of different places. ^_^) (No real warnings, I don't think.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh/Naruto - GOGYONAMJA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Every once in awhile I come across a YGO site that just... eh, I don't really browse YGO fanart much, since I'm not really into the series, but every once in awhile I'll come across a banner on another site and the art will intrigue me and I'll find something like this. The artist has a phenominal level of detail to her art, she really nails the CG style, and her colors are beautiful. It's not necessarily going to be for everyone, it's very CG-ish, but... I dunno, I was really impressed with some of her newer stuff. (Her OP art was just... cute, really. Like OP meets a Ribbon manga, yet somehow it was CUTE! XD) ....I still boggle that I find these things, though. Still. Pretty art! ♥ I'm going to stick this in the Naruto section as well because there are about seven or eight illustrations and they're all just SO FREAKING CUTE. I love the artist's sense for those jewel-toned colors; they may not be in line with the original series, but they're so pretty that I was won over. Plus, a couple of absolutely adorable YYH illustrations and I was sold! ^_^v (No real warnings/I don't know the YGO pairings, no Naruto pairings. >_>)

- Yu-Gi-Oh - 7-TH FALL [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - As I always mention, I rarely go looking for YGO sites, just because I've never seen the series and don't really know the characters and the art is fairly typical shounen fare, there's not a whole lot to attract me... except that sometimes I see a really stunningly beautiful site that just does a phenominal job with the illustrations and I can't help going through the site. Despite not really knowing much at ALL about the series. But that hardly mattered here, because the artist is so good with her colors and lines and overall style that just nails the YGO style/feel AND looks genuinely cool/neat. ....honestly, despite having little impulse to get into the series previously, I kind of want to now, after seeing this site. >_>;;; (No warnings/pairings.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh - Trick King [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And speaking of gorgeous, amazingly pretty YGO sites.... I was just impressed as hell at the colors on this site, the soft, light, airy feel to the illustrations without going the shoujo route. I mean, the artist makes the Yu-Gi-Oh characters look pretty, yet still recognizable... and, dammit, that's the kind of thing that sucks me in, despite not really knowing the series. The artist really does an amazing job with each and every image, the poses, the concepts/feel of the illustration, the designs, the soft colors that aren't quite girly, but that are softer than one might think YGO calls for. Plus, holy crap, there's a LOT of art here, enough to actually make me feel rather sated by the art. *happy sigh* (, no idea?)

- Yu-Gi-Oh - REM REAL - Single Twin [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - ....why is Yu-Gi-Oh fanart so pretty? Is it doing it on purpose? Just to taunt me? Just to attempt to drag me into yet another fandom because it knows I don't have the time for it? Just to make my brain explode? Whatever the reason, the art here is just beautiful, more of that soft, airy sort of feel to the characters that just makes me fall in love as a fangirl. The characters' hair and eyes all look amazing, very much in the distinctive YGO style, but somehow softened so that the characters actually look pretty. Well, sometimes, anyway. Other times, the artist has just completely captured the CG style (though, her colors tend to be softened so they're less harsh and a lot more lovely to look at, not quite pastels, but warmer colors, certainly) that they, too, look absolutely amazing. I don't really know the characters well enough to know whether or not I like the pairings (or even to NOTE them, which I feel vaguely badly about, but... >_>), all I know is that the images are sometimes sweet, sometimes amusing, sometimes effing COOL, and sometimes a little sad, but they're always just beautiful. Professional-level art skill here, I think. Some of them are good enough that, if I were a fan, I'd be having spasms of fan-joy. (, no idea?)

- Yu-Gi-Oh! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - (Thanks to SILvErRbLooD for pointing this one out! ♥) This is one of those sites that really makes me stop and stare at the art because it really deserves the word phenominal for several of the illustrations here. There are a couple of Yuugi or Yami with a dragon that are just... flat-out stunning, from the amazingly rich colors (I stare in awe at the colors) to the incredibly detailed and gorgeous lines to the absolutely fantastic proportions. Or there are some absolutely amazing ones of Kaiba that I find myself drooling over and sort of pining that I can't see the show (aside from the butchered version on TV, which I have tried to watch), because if it can inspire art like this... there's got to be something to it. (No real warnings, I don't think.)

- Prince of Tennis/Yu-Gi-Oh! - A.I. Paradise [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The thing I liked most about this site? The faux Tenipuri lami cards that the artist did a really terrific job on--they LOOK like lami cards, right down to the poses. And I like the bright colors of the artist, which aren't TOO bright or gaudy, but still fit both the Prince of Tennis and Yu-Gi-Oh! styles. Well, that and the site had really great poster-style group illustrations and wonderfully detailed Yu-Gi-Oh! fanart. But the real gem of the site? There's this fanart of the October birthdays (Saeki, Tezuka, Atobe, and Oshitari) that is just awesome. Not only is it gorgeous, but the artist got the heights right, got the personalities in the clothes right, and they all look so incredibly HOT. I fangirl muchly now. (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh! - AG [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The current top illustration on this site isn't my favorite, so don't let it deter you if you're clicking through. Because the rest of her Kaiba/Yuugi? Both OH SO ADORABLE and REALLY PRETTY at the same time. I just... I dunno, I like the way she uses muted colors, the way everything looks like a sketched that was painted in with watercolors, making them feel like paintings rather than simple CG illustrations. Plus, the Matrix!Kaiba/Yuugi? OHMYGODSOCOOL. XD Seriously, it looks fantastic. Add in some really, really good, richly detailed and beautifully colored single-character illustrations and some shounen ai with other characters that I don't yet know the names of >_> and you've got a site that's a lot of fun for me. ^__^v (Some Kaiba/Yuugi, some shounen ai that I don't yet know the characters' names for. >_>)

- Yu-Gi-Oh!/Lord of the Rings - MOSCOWMULE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I, of course, still don't get the YGO! thing or why there's some really nice fanart for it out there, but I try to let that go and just enjoy the pretty artwork, because I know I kinda like the character of Seto already and that I really enjoy seeing Yuugi (or whatever form he's in) fanart as well. This site is really kinda cute and I like the details on her single-character illustration images; her couples are as solid, but they're hardly bad, either. Nice use of colors and the site is really worth it for those Seto illustrations. The Lord of the Rings stuff is adorable and I totally ♥ the artist's Legolas, especially when she draws the chibi-esque versions of him and when she's drawing him interacting with the other characters. The colors are nice, very light and breezy and... all right, shut up, I'm won over by the Aragorn/Legolas art, which made me smile and threaten to put little hearts in my eyes. But, really, you're going for that image of the Fellowship in chibi form that is so freaking cute towards the end. <3<3<3 (Some het with YGO!, some liiiiiight slash with LotR.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh! - TOUCH [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Despite that I still don't know the YGO! series that well, I'm still attracted to nicely drawn fanart and I just... I like the way this artist keeps the style of the series, but softens it down, makes it a little bit more gentle and it works well for her. The artist can also do some really nice details when she wants, or some really nice 'hazy' illustrations (some of the Bakura illustrations are lovely for this, the soft, almost ethereal coloring that I like so much, but some of the Blue Eyes White Dragon ones are beautiful, too), or some wonderfully detailed costumed illustrations. ....this is turning out to be a very generic rec, but I think the site is worth visiting anyway, the Yuugi and/or Kaiba illustrations are especially really worth visiting for and there were a couple of Kaiba/Yuugi illustrations that I have to admit that I really liked. >D (Maybe a little shounen ai, but mostly gen.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rapan On-line [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I've recommended some YGO sites before, probably several that I'll revist now that I have a slightly more solid notion of who the characters are, but I'm glad to have found a site I don't think I've seen before. A Kaiba/Yuugi site even! The artist manages to keep that distinctive style of the characters, all that pointy hair and solid features, but still makes the images pretty and the kind of stuff I want to see (like playing with the ancient Egyptian themes or putting them in different modern day outfits or having them lean into/touch each other lightly but with a sense of intimacy), even the occasionally really beautiful illustration. (The one of them in dark clothes at night with the full moon in the distance was just lovely.) There's even quite a LOT of art on the site once you start going through the oekaki section (which is what won me over even more ♥) and it was just... one of those sites where it hit me the right way at the right time and got me started on wanting more YGO fanart. (Kaiba/Yuugi.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh! - [ English Fanart Site ] - I was actually looking at REBORN! art and wandering through deviantART and just happened to stumble over some Yuugi art. I started clicking around and pretty soon I ended up on this artist's account and I'm so very glad I did because, wow, that's some gorgeous stuff. The colors and details and poses and and everything are all just fantastic, everything is beautiful, but Current is one of the best pieces I've seen in the fandom, I think. Pretty much ever. And, man, this is the kind of art that makes me really sort of want to pick up the manga again. *___* (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, shoot. I usually like to combine sites when I do a rec for them and I just recommended this site for the Tales of the Abyss art, but it wasn't until after I posted the rec and was poking around the rest of the galleries that I noticed there actually was kind of a whole lot of YGO art. And that it was really pretty a lot of times! The artist has this really slick style, everything looks like it shines and the lines of the art are so clean and it combines with this almost chibi-esque sort of style and there's a variety of characters covered and it just. It's a really great site for me! I especially love it when the artist takes on some lighter, airier colors, it makes everything in the images look softer and really kind of amazing. Her Kaiba and her Bakura are especially well done, I thought. *___* (Nothing I'm really going to warn for.)

- Yu-Gi-Oh! - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was just randomly browsing oekaki links and kind of site hopping and somehow wound up on this site. It might not be for everyone, the art is pretty much all about the oekaki, but I'm kind of getting really fond of that sort of thing and, well, I'm weak to Kaiba/Yuugi art still. There's not a ton of art here, maybe twenty images or so, but I liked the style, it was like the original enough to keep my attention. It was a nice little stop this afternoon. (Some potential Kaiba/Yuugi? Kaiba/Yami Yuugi?, but it could also be gen.)

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