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- White Cat [ White Cat's World ] - I share a lot of White Cat's opinions on YYH; a great love for Hiei/Kurama that's currently a little singed around the edges because of burnout, a fascination with YuusukexKeiko and there not being enough fic out there for them, and KuwabaraxYukina is one of the cutest damn things on the planet. I don't think I could pick a single favorite of her stories, they're all quite good. Not only does she know the characters, but her writing itself is wonderful. The characters *feel* like themselves, the writing is insightful, and it just has that overall *original* feeling (as in like the original source material) feeling to it. Like the stories wouldn't be out of place in the canon of the series.

As I said, I don't really have a singular favorite, but the one that sticks out most in my mind is "Tomodachi", her YYH/Fushigi Yuugi crossover. (Normally, I'm not a fan of crossovers. But YYH and FY just seem to FIT together. And it doesn't hurt that they were both Studio Pierrot anime series.) It's fairly long and is just... just... *good*. For lots of reasons. You should read it. And all of her other fics as well.

- Amparo Bertram [ home page ] - There are always two YYH/FY crossovers that stick out in my mind when I think of YYH fic. White Cat's "Tomodachi" and Amparo Betram's "The Fox and the Phoenix". I love them both. Both of them are two of the best-written fics around, to say nothing of the best crossovers around. I read this story before I knew much of anything about FY, and I didn't find it very hard at all to follow along, so if you're not a FY fan, you won't have trouble with it, I don't think. The Fox and the Phoenix universe is rather long, but that's a *good* thing, because the writing is wonderful, and you'll get sucked into it, reading it as fast as you can. I recommend any of the stories on this site, but one of my other favorites was "Sweet Young Boys". I wouldn't have thought a YYH/CCS crossover possible (at least not done well), but I *liked* that one. A lot.

- Katchan [ rec.arts.anime.creative ftp archive ] - (Quick note: Obviously not all the fics in that directory are Katchan's, but I think all of her fics should be in there. Since she's without a fic website as of this writing, it's the only place I know of that has her fics.) Ahh, Katchan, another of my favorite YYH writers. "The Seduction of Minamino Shuuichi" is one of my favorite YYH fics EVER. (Not all the fics are lemon, but a lot of them are, so be careful if you're not old enough for that kind of thing or don't like it.) Her dialogue and internal monologue/thoughts are spot on for the characters, giving them that elegant Japanese *feel* that so many anime writers can't do. (Not that it's their fault, it's not easy to understand another entire CULTURE just to write fanfic.) IIRC, they're all about Hiei/Kurama, so avoid if you're on burnout or don't like them. (Obviously. ^_^;; ) Highly recommended, some of my very, very favorite YYH fics.

- Eien no Hakusho - by Morgan D - Something I've noticed about a lot of the longer YYH stories I've read, they all start to fall into the same sort of characterizations. I'm not sure how to explain it, I can't really find the words, but it's not something I'm completely fond of. I think it's the angst in Hiei's background. The oh, poor Hiei, what a horrible life he must have lived, how much the poor dear has been scarred by all of that! vibe.

To be fair to this story, that's not really how it's played out, it's more Kurama's view of Hiei than Hiei himself. And it's not that I disagree, because Morgan D has woven a very good overall storyline here, and I can't fault her on characterization anywhere.

Despite my reservations, I do really like this fic and think it's one of the best out there. She's a good writer, she's got that readable story thing down perfectly, the story just flows beautifully, and the humor is effing hysterical. She's really captured the sense of the YYH anime rather than the fandom portrayal of the series. Yuusuke and Kuwabara don't just chew the scenery, even though this is a Hiei/Kurama-centric story, they're solid presences. At least in the fics I read. And nothing is really glossed over too much (though, it can be hard to tell as some parts aren't written yet), the story takes the time it needs to to tell its tale. Really, a very good fic series. (HieixKurama, YuusukexKeiko, and KuwabaraxYukina.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Violation of the Sixth Commandment by varon - Let me get two things out of the way. One, the ending was rather... abrupt. I'm sure the author had it in mind the whole way through the fic and it did kind of feel like the fic was heading in that sort of direction, but it still felt like it came out of nowhere. A "Huh? Wha...? Where'd that come from?" sort of ending. And I'm not entirely sure why they couldn't just work around it. Second, honestly, I could have done without the sex scenes. Normally, I would really, really like a YuusukexKeiko sex scene, but this one just didn't hit me right. A lot of that was the terms... "pussy" is not something I expect from a non-male-jack-off fic. >_<

Okay, criticisms aside, I really, really liked this fic. Varon has a wonderful style that fits the characters well, and I thought she did the characters justice. Keiko and Yuusuke almost sparkled, they were so much fun to watch and I felt the chemistry of the characters come through. They were also both interesting, intelligent, three-dimensional and wonderful characters; no favorites were played. You saw why these two were in love. And little things, like the scene out under the stars were just absolutely wonderful. I was craving YuusukexKeiko and this gave it to me rather nicely. (YuusukexKeiko and a little bit of KuwabaraxYukina.)

- Gundam Wing/Yuu Yuu Hakusho - The Death Arc by White Cat, Shirin, Kuwabara no Miko, and Talya Firedancer - Oooh, this rec is going to suck, I can tell that even before I sit down to write it. (Part of the problem being that it's been years since I originally read this series.) But... I wanted to write a rec for this series because it was one of the first that got me into Gundam Wing, as I was obsessed with Yuu Yuu Hakusho at the time and read it just for that, even if the GW characters are the main-main focus of the series. The authors involved were really and truly wonderful writers and I just... I fell so very hard for this story, just devoured this story, because... meh, I told you this rec was going to suck. =_=

When I was first getting into Gundam Wing, there weren't a lot of longer stories out there, because it was still a very young series and we didn't have the luxury of digisubs that we have now. So a story like this was something I could actually sink my teeth into--and not only that it was good. The plot was good, the characterizations were good, and Heero and Duo sparkled and I adored them. The crossover was actually done really, really, really well and in a believable way (as several of the YYH characters are going to be long-lived/immortal). One of the things I remember most was the way I was just entranced with Heero's reaction to his own history being uncovered through their adventures. The way his relationship with Duo blossomed and the way Botan was just... sparkling and I adored her so much. So... in summary, this is one of those stories that I will always be fond of because it was one of the first I read and one of the ones that helped to make me fall in love with both sets of characters. (Some Botan+Duo, HeeroxDuo, probably some hints of Trowa+Quatre.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Absolution by Blossomwitch - I have a thing for stories about Hiei and Yukina, where she finally finds out who her brother is and talks to him about it and this story... I admit, it felt a little short (it seems strange to me that, these days, a ten thousand word story would seem short of all things), but it wasn't unsatisfying for it. It was actually very gratifying to read a story that had such clean, crisp writing, that had such sharp characterization and dialogue, and actually did really well with working the pairings into the story. I positively adored the author's take on Yukina, she felt so right to me somehow and her relationship with Kuwabara (who was also absolutely right in the story) was delightful and perfect. The Hiei/Kurama relationship was so well done, too, the way I felt for Hiei, as he struggled to accept that Yukina accepted him, forgave him for the horrible things he'd done, that Kurama would love him, without it being over the top or too pandering about it. The revelation of the story (which is what I was reading for most of all) was really just... satisfying, the resolution of everything feeling very right. It's one of those stories that makes me itch less for fic, you know? (Some Hiei/Kurama, but it's not the entire point of the story.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Jail Break by nightwalker3 - I'd been skimming around the YYH section, trying to find something that caught my eye, and I'm not even sure how I got to this one anymore. But I am so glad I read it because it's just utterly delightful and perfect, it has Yuusuke and Kuwabara being dumb, dumb deliquent friends, it has Yuusuke being a cocky, laughing smartass, it has actually, genuinely funny humor, and even if the girls aren't actually in it, they're kick-ass, too. I can't count how many lines genuinely made me laugh in this fic, much less how many times I beamed at how much it felt like the crazy, crazy antics Togashi's characters must get up to in between fights. A+++++ omg. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - The Bounty Hunter by nightwalker3 - Okay, I officially caved on this fic as well when I got to this part, after Yuusuke's phone rang while he was watching a movie with Keiko: "Yeah, what?" he asked. He made a point of sounding put-out even if it was some stupid Sandra Bullock movie. Subtitled. God. And the whole plot about seeing the future was, in Yuusuke's opinion, boring as dirt. He had friends who did that shit all the time and he didn't see them getting all worked up about it. And after that it spirals off into a much darker fic, something I'm not sure I would have clicked on if I'd know ahead of time what was going to happen in the fic (I apparently skipped right over the warnings orz), but as soon as I was reading the fic, I couldn't put it down. It's really well-written and, as ;__;-inducing as it was, I'm glad I read it. It's really beautifully in character, down to all the little details. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Downtime by nightwalker3 - Part of me wants to tear through every fic the author's written, part of me wants to ration them out because I know I'll never find more YYH fic like this, and part of me is all ;__;-face because the author is spoiling me. It's just. The take on Yuusuke and Kuwabara's friendship is so damn perfect that I find myself falling in love with the series all over again, they are just incredibly spot on teenage boys with ridiculous amounts of power in their bodies... who play dumb Playstation games and call each other names. And act like such retarded teenage boys and, oh, god, by the end, I was crying with laughter and love for these characters. Beautiful. (....some pairings implied, but I'm not going to say or count them.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - untitled by Nightwalker - So far, I have yet to tire of Yuusuke and Kuwabara's friendship, especially when they are such teenage boys about everything, even if they are very powerful people. And this is a really hilarious little fic about Kuwabara and Hiei having been trapped in a candy store for far too many hours together and it goes about as you'd expect it. I love that the characterization just sparkles, I love that the friendships between all of them are just spot-on and so much of what made me love the series in the first place. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - untitled by Nightwalker - asdl;fkjaslkfaslkj Atsuko and Yukina in a car chase and, oh, my god, I am kind of in love with the YYH fandom right now. Like, I want to drag out all the manga I've been letting pile up and tear through it (because I ♥ Togashi's manga and I've never read the YYH manga properly) and flail over every single character, because it's fic like this that reminds me that I love the whole entire cast. And Atsuko and Yukina together here are fantastic, they make such an awesome team that I can hardly stand to not keyboard mash all over this recommendation. a;sdlfkajsldalskjd <-- *fails* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Yuugou Hakusho by Mistress 259 - I picked up the link to this fic from Aishuu's rec and I don't think I've had a 16,000+ word story fly by me so quickly in a very long time. The writing is clean and smooth, it just sails right along and I hardly recognized I was reading words instead of having a story told to me, it's professional-level quality, and incredibly solid (and good) style to read a fic like this in. This is a story about the demon Kurama fleeing to the human world and the long years he had to wait while his human body grew up and it's beautifully done. Everything the author puts forth in the fic meshes with canon so well that I could easily take this for canon itself, it fits together and the characterization is fantastic and it's brilliantly paced. Each scene from Kurama's childhood, the quiet boy who was so unusual and so smart, the teenager he grew up to be because he couldn't quite leave his human mother behind, it all works. This is one of those stories that reminds me of just how much I like Kurama. A-also, the stuff with Hiei totally didn't hurt my feelings, especially since it could have been entirely gen (I'm not sure if the author was implying it or not, which I loved) and just-- yes. This is what YYH fic should be. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Yuujyou Hakusho by Mistress 259 - This fic is a follow-up to Yuugou Hakusho and, as the author's notes say, it could probably stand on its own, but it does work better if you've read that one first. This is an interesting look at Kurama's continued attempts to convince his mother of his normal human life, going so far as to have Yuusuke over for dinner, as he's the first friend that Shiori has seen her son meet. It's interesting because you can really tell how long it's been since Kurama has had someone to talk to about demon-related events, about himself and who he used to be, without that someone judging him or, you know, being like talking to a brick wall. It's interesting to see the parallels the author draws between Kurama and Yuusuke, you can see their easy friendship starting to build right from the beginning, which is nice to see. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Yuu Yuu Hakusho - A Thousand Years of Solitudes by Nightwalker - The older I get as a YYH fan (actually, YYH was my first series, from way back before there were manga scanslations or any such thing as digital/on-line subbing, I'm so ooooold omg), the more I like stories like this, that are about the friendships between the characters and what they came to mean to each other as they settled into this balance between the human world and the demon world. Yuusuke and Kurama's friendship is spot-on here, Kurama is insightful and Yuusuke is loud, brash, and headstrong, but there's more underneath that. There's a real person in there, with real worries, especially since he's not really human anymore. It's a little bittersweet, especially considering the setting, but it's also hopeful and it does a fantastic job of the story it wanted to tell. (There's some character death here.)

Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Promises to Me by mint poppies - I'm totally snatching the link for this one off Aishuu's rec, because it's Yuusuke/Keiko! I LOVE THEM. But I fear reading fic for them because a lot of times it just doesn't quite feel right to me somehow. I took a chance on this one, though, and I'm very glad I did because it hit all the right notes for me, I really adored this Keiko and how much love there was between them even at the end of her life and just. Yes, that's the Yuusuke I knew. I love how, as Aishuu says, you can tell how very true they are to each other in this fic. ♥ (Yuusuke/Keiko.)

Yuu Yuu Hakusho: goodnight all by shiegra - Well, as long as I was browsing springkink and saw Yuusuke/Keiko fic, I had to click, didn't I? And I really adored this, there was so much love and playfulness put into this short piece, even if it was less than 300 words, it was still just lovely and wonderful for these two. I even really liked that it didn't have to be very high-rated at all, but still managed a lovely intimacy between them. (Yuusuke/Keiko.)

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